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A Postscript

‘Unto the tribes of Levi, Moses gave no inheritance, the Lord God of Israel was their inheritance, as he said unto them,’ in Num 18:20-21.

‘And behold I have given the children of Levi, all the tenths in Israel, for an inheritance for their service, even the service of the tabernacle of the congregation. So the eleven tribes had the land by lot, as in Joshua, 13,14.

So the law served, and the priests did their service about the tabernacle, until Christ came and was offered up.

For when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, and made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, that they might receive the adoption of sons, which many witness at this day.

And so Christ has ended the Levitical priesthood, and his service, and has taken away the first priesthood, that he may establish the second, who is made higher than the heavens, who has not entered into the worldly sanctuary or tabernacle, but into the holy place by his own blood.

‘And has ended the first covenant, and has made the first old, and it was ready to vanish away,’ in the days of the apostles. Heb 8.

And so Christ Jesus the heavenly priest, has discharged Levi of his services at the altar, tabernacle, and temple, and of his outward ark, and of all his offerings and sacrifices, and his heave-offerings of his tithes, which he was to shake to and fro, east, west, north, and south, which was a type of Christ’s offering up himself, once for all their offerings.

And so Christ having discharged him of his offices, and taken away his temple, altar, tabernacle, sanctuary, blood of bulls and goats, and tithes, the priest’s wages and portion for his service, and his offerings which he was to feed upon, which had no lot nor inheritance in the land.

Now he may take himself a plantation, or buy himself land, for Christ has taken away his offerings and his law, and the command that gave him his tithes, for he must expect no more tithes.

So now God has no work for him at outward tabernacles, nor to offer outward sacrifices; for he has no law nor power from God to take wages, namely, tithes, for any such services.

For Christ has offered up himself once for all their offerings, and is a priest, not after the order of Aaron, but after the order of Melchizedek.

So Levi was to have no portion, but the tenths of Israel. Now Christ has ended this Levitical priesthood and his tenths, for his service, which he served in it by the law, until the seed Christ came, which in the fullness of time, that God sent forth his Son which was the time of reformation out of those things, and a time to take away the first, to establish the second, the everlasting priest, and the everlasting covenant.

And he took away the circumcision in the flesh, and he established the circumcision in the spirit.

And so if Levi should plead for the tenths of Israel now, he is an usurper of authority, for he has no law nor command from God, for so doing.

And Christ has died for all, and enlightened all men; that all might believe in the light, and become children of the light. And his gospel of salvation is preached unto all men, and to every creature under heaven; and the grace of God has appeared to all men, which is the true Christian’s teacher.

And so all the believers in the light, are the children of the light, and are grafted into Christ that died for them, and eats the flesh and drinks the blood of the heavenly man, and so feeds upon Christ Jesus their sacrifice.

And so all the circumcised in heart, men and women, feed upon the sacrifice; and are the royal priesthood, offering up spiritual sacrifices. And God has made us (namely, the true church), kings and priests; and has redeemed us from the earth, so to reign over the devil and the earth, and so to offer up spiritual sacrifices. And these priests that God has made, offers up no earthly sacrifices, therefore, they will not have earthly tithes, for they see the Levitical priesthood taken away, that took them, which was the first. And they do see Christ, the second established, a priest forever, made higher than the heavens, who is over all from everlasting to everlasting, the first and last.