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Meeting The Lord In The Air

(Jn.5:17-29, Tit.2:13, 1Thess.4:14-17)

As Christ was rebutting the allegation of the political and religious leaders of His days, He said to them in v.17 of Jn.5, “My Father is working until now, and I am working too.” They attempted to kill Him for these very words because He said, “God is my Father”, thus making Himself equal with God. (v.18)

The Son of God is a carbon copy of God, the Father, even so are we in the spirit, and the Son cannot do any thing of Himself. What He hears, He says, and what He sees, He does. (v.19)

There is a relationship between the Father and His Son Jesus Christ even so we are with Christ. At the core of this relationship is the LOVE of His Father for the Son, and vise versa. God will show Christ greater things than these, and it will blow their minds. (v.20) Even so the world in which we live in today will have its mind totally blown by what Christ will do through a saint that is 100% devoted to His Father.

If Christ had such a living and vibrant relationship with His Father, how should the saints relationship with Him be? How deep should our relationship be with Jesus Christ? Are we motivated by the love of Christ? Can we reciprocate this love for Him? Can we separate ourselves in body, soul and spirit unto Him? This will be the answer for the dilemma that the Christians face in today’s world. Is Christ sufficient, and can we be sold out to Him, and trust that He will defend us, and our families? You have to answer this question for yourself individually.

Are the saints sold all out for the cause of Christ even as He was sold out for the cause of His Father to the point of death? If we can give our lives to Christ in truth and indeed, then our devotion will be genuine. The cause has not changed, and it is the same cause of the Father that Jesus Christ was committed to.

God is the author and giver of life, and He has authority and power over the dead and the living. He can cause the dead to live again, and the living to die. He makes executive decision over mankind as to who lives or dies, but He does not do any thing arbitrarily. He gave this same authority to His Son to give life to the dead. He quickens whom He wills. (v.21) We are His servants, and if we have such devotion to Him, He will give us life to quicken the dead also.

Even as the Father had committed all judgments to the Son, Christ will in turn commit all judgments of mankind on His behalf to this person on the terrestrial ball. (v.22)

As the Son honors the Father even so shall the saints honor the Son of God because in so doing they will honor Him who has sent His Son into the world. The honor they gave to the Son is directly given to His Father. If any man honors the Son, he is honoring the Father that has sent Him. Likewise if any man honors the saints, he is honoring Jesus Christ who has sent them. (v.23)

Is this really true? Can any human do these things that were recorded in the Bible? Yes, a million times yes. Jesus Christ said, “If any man serves me, him will my Father honor.” (Jn.12:26c) If you will dedicate your life for the glory of Christ, and completely serve Him in body, soul and spirit, His Father will use you like Jesus Christ. Your name will be in the lips of angels, men and the departed righteous people in heaven.

If a person is totally given up to the Lord Jesus Christ, and he is done with sin, pride, fame, glory, girls and gold, none of these things will face him. Why? Because the Spirit of God will set him apart from obstacles in life. The Spirit of God in him will make it impossible to be stained and soiled by sin.

If mankind will believe in Christ, and they will also believe do more than, they will believe on the Father who has sent Him by this action. It is equally so with the saints sent by Christ. If people believe in us, they believe in Christ in us, and He has the word of His Father. Ultimately we believe in God, and therefore are passed from death into life.

Any one who believes on His word has eternal life, and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death into life. It is essential that you believe that the Father has sent the Son into the world. It was not Christ idea to come here, and certainly not His idea to give His life to mankind. This was the Father’s pleasure and will. He found in Christ a man willing to do His will without any reservation. (v.24, Jn.4:34)

There is only one second coming, and not two, as we may want to believe. What we call His second coming is the gathering together unto Him in the clouds. He has not come for the general body of Christ, but the First Fruit, as of a fig tree’s first fruit. When He comes in the clouds of heaven, and the prepared and ready saints will meet Him in the air. He will take them to an unspecified destination. He will give them awards and thank them for a job well done. This is not His second coming. At His second coming, He will take those saints back here on the earth to touch His feet on Mount Olives, and sets up His government.

These are the scriptures that foretold this event of the gathering in the air: 1Thess.4:14-17, Matt.25:1-13, Mark.4:62, 1Cor.15:51-52, Col.3:24, 2Tim.4:8, Tit.2:13, Heb.9:28 and 1Pet.5:4. You have to read these scriptures and study them carefully. They are to remind you of your obligation to His coming in air for those of His who are ready and waiting for Him.

The above scriptures foretold His coming in the air to gather His saints who are anxiously waiting and looking for His appearance. He will come for the second time to rule and reign with His saints. This period of time in the clouds is what Jn.5:25 is referring to. The living then shall not precede the dead, and they shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and shall live, never to die again.

God has given Christ Jesus to have life in Himself even so will Christ give His saints to have life in themselves. The body of the saints will no longer be subjected to dying. They will live forever after the Seed of an incorruptible life. He will give them the authority to exercise judgment because as He is, so we are in this world. (v.28, 1Jn.4:17)

In the second coming of Christ, all the living saints and the dead who were magnetized by the Spirit of God to meet Christ in the clouds will come with Him, and all the dead in the grave shall hear His voice. (Saints and sinners alike) They will be all resurrected, those who knew Christ on the earth to the resurrection of life, and those who rejected Him to the resurrection of condemnation. (v.29)

So prepare yourself and get ready either for the resurrection of life, or they that believed not God in Christ to the resurrection of condemnation. The choice is yours! Choose who will be your Savior: Jesus Christ, Mohammed or Satan? The night is far spent, and we are coming to the midnight hour. In September, 13-30, 2015, when the final four of four blood moons shall line up, God will use the skies as His sign board to convey a message to the earthlings of His wonderful approach of His Son. It is sooner than we think!

Get ready and surrender yourself to God in Christ without any reservation. His coming is nearer than when we first believed. Remove and undress from your life the things and human obstacles that want to entangle you. Be ready to go at the sound of the voice of Jesus Christ. Only those who are ready shall hear His voice. Amen!

Gathering In The Clouds

As a student and teacher, it is my belief that the next event on the prophetic calendar will be the meeting the Lord in the clouds of heaven: normally called the rapture of the church. The Rapture is the event when we will be “caught up to meet the Lord in the air” (1 Thess.4:17).

The teaching of Christ’s return is a real litmus test of where you are spiritually. For the person who is right with God, it motivates and purifies them. For the person who is not right with God, it frightens and alarms them.

For the believer who is watching and waiting, Christ’s return is welcomed. For the person who is not where they need be spiritually, He will come as a thief.

So, in light of this hope of Christ’s return, how are we to live? What are we to do as we await His return? Three things come to mind: We need to wake up, sober up, and suit up.

Paul tells us, “Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk are drunk at night. But let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet the hope of salvation” (1Thess.56–8)

We need to wake up. The Encyclopedia Britannica defines sleep as “a state of inactivity, with a loss of consciousness and a decrease in responsiveness to events taking place.” There are people in the church today who have gone to sleep. They are not watching the signs of the times, nor are they observing the “times and seasons.” There is a lethargy and passivity, and even laziness in Christendom. There seems to be a disconnect between their so-called “spiritual life” and real life. Instead of “walking in the Spirit,” they are sleepwalking.

What Paul is saying in this verse is “Wake up and be ready for the Lord’s return!”

Remember when you were a little kid and it was so hard to fall asleep on Christmas Eve? Maybe it was the excitement of opening your presents the next day. Or perhaps it was the hope of seeing Santa Claus. But it was a joyful anticipation that kept you awake, not some kind of dread or fear.

In the same way, looking for Christ’s return is not a miserable, repressive, or confining way to live. It’s a happy, joyful, purposeful way to live.

Let me close with the words of C.H. Spurgeon, who said, “It is a very blessed thing to be on the watch for Christ, it is a blessing to us now. How it detaches you from the world! You can be poor without murmuring. You can be rich without worldliness. You can be sick without sorrowing. You can be healthy without presumption. If you are always waiting for Christ’s coming, untold blessings are wrapped up in that glorious hope.”