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The original Lamb of God appeared in Jerusalem, and the Jewish Passover that represented the Lord Jesus Christ, the real Lamb that the present Passover looked towards was in their midst.

He was in the Temple of God, and He did not like what He saw inside it. He was perplexed that the Jews had lost the meaning of the ceremony and had desecrated the house of God. The zeal of His Father consumed Him, and He put together from different strands of ropes, weaving them into a lash.

Although the Temple was just a building, but it was more than that. The presence of the God who made the universe inhabited therein. Jesus has a zeal and passion for His Father’s house, and He was driven by it.

The Jews had displeased God, and had brought into the Temple what should not be in it. There were money changers, sellers of goats, sheep, turtle-dove and pigeons right in the Temple. They were practicing abominations in the sight of God, and something had to be done to avert the judgment of God.

This called for the radical behavior of the Lord, and He drove them all out from the Temple. There was commotion, shouting and screaming inside the Temple as animals, birds and people were running for dear lives. It was a scene to behold, and the author would have like to be present at this demonstration of righteous indignation by our Lord and Master.

In Matt.27:50-56, series of events happened, and the renting of the thick veil of about eighteen inches into two from the top to the bottom took place while He was dying. This signified the departure of the presence of the Spirit of God in the Temple. God has had it with the lack of reverence the Jewish leaders were demonstrating in His presence.

In association with the death of His Son, and the refusal for them to acknowledge and sanctify Him in their midst, the Spirit left a man-made Temple for the real Temple not made by the hands of men.

Humans are the Temple, and God said, “For you are the Temple of the Living God; as God has said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people…” (2Cor.6:16)

As we look at Jn.2:13-17, we see another Temple not made with human hands, but God, and it is the Temple that will endure forever because it is connected to Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, who has the power of an indestructible Life.

He wants us to be devoted to Him and His Father nothing holding back regarding body, soul and spirit. There will be no room for sin in this consecration and the covenant we have made with God, ratified with the blood of Jesus Christ. The word said, “Sin shall not have dominion over you, and this means that you are to have dominion over sin. You are not to allow the motion of sin to be operative in your life.

At the death of Jesus Christ, He said, “It is finished.” All that sin has done had been erased, removed and abolished. God has made us in Christ to be the lord of sin and disallowing it to function in any way whatsoever in our lives. The Spirit of God will enter into our lives, having a room pure and holy, that He may display the glory and power of God in healing our bodies, keeping us healthy and from death, until our time has come when you should go home above, where sleeping is out of the equation. It will be days of perpetual life and light in God and His Christ, the light of life. We will not need the light of the sun, moon and stars.

It begs the question, and asks, “Whose superscription, and as well as image is on you? Is it God’s image, or Caesar’s? Can God trust us to be pure in heart, mind and body? Do we have Him as our only God, or do we commit adultery with the gods of this world? This is the question that He was really asking the Jews in Matt.22:15-22. Whose image is on you? Do you have on you what does not belong to you? Are you practicing spiritual adultery every day of your life, and you still think God is your Father? (Rev.2:20-22)

The Church is the saints of God, and 1Tim.3:15 says, “She is the house of Living God, the Pillar and ground of Truth.” So these things ought not to be in us that Jesus Christ cleared out in the physical Temple built by Solomon: lying, cheating, fornication, adultery, whoremonger, witchcraft, wizardry, backbiting, animosity, hatred, evil speaking and the likes mentioned in Gal.5:19-21 and Roms.1.29-32. They are the counterpart of doves, goats, money changers and rams. Do we have these negative things in our lives as Churches, preachers and the saints of God?

The word of God said that we are like the angels of God neither marry nor are giving in marriage. It is a neural gender with God in the heaven, and it will be glorious. (Matt.22:29-32) There will much work to be done in heaven, and it will not only be praise and worship of God, but more than that. The government shall be upon His shoulders, and we the servant will play a major role in that government. (Isa.9:6)

In 2Cor.6:14-18 and 1Pet.2:9-10, God made it clear that we are a peculiar people, and we should not be unequally yoked with those who are outside the family of God. The conclusion of the statement is that we should come out from among them, and be separated. We should not touch the unclean and abomination things that they follow. God Himself will receive us, and we shall be His sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty. (v.16)

We are married to Christ, and He is our Bridegroom. Our loyalty and obedience should be given to Him and Him only, and not the gods of this world. If we give in to the gods that are no gods, we shall be guilty of adultery, and serving gods who are not ours by the covenant that was ratified on the cross of Calvary by the blood of Christ.

Sins do not belong to the Temple of our body as the commercial industry does not belong to the physical Temple of God in Jerusalem. Do we as the children of God have things in and on us that do not belong to the Temple? We must get rid of them immediately in order that God can come in. (v.15, Matt.21:4)

In v.17, the word of God said that the zeal for the House of the Lord has consumed Christ. If you have a zeal for Christ, and it is consuming zeal, it will consume you beyond any thing that the world can offer.

God’s House is you, the Temple of the Living God according to 2Cor.16-18, 1Cor.6:14-20, 1Cor.3:16-17 and Roms.12:1. There is no gender in Christ, and we are like the angels of God. (Gal.3:28) Your zeal for Christ will consume you, and it will set you apart for God. It will make of you a living and breathing sacrifice on the holy altar of God. (v.17)

If we are consumed by what God has deposited in us, and therefore get rid of the unwanted idols and sins in our lives that will make us unfit for His entrance into our Temple, we shall be exclusive for Him, and He will be for us. There will be healing, deliverance, salvation, signs and wonders where God is, and we are with Him. He is coming for the saints of God without sin unto salvation. (Hebs.9:28)