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The Spirit of the Lord is part of God, the Father, and cannot be removed, separated, and distinguished from God, who is the owner of His Spirit.(1Cor.2:9-11) The Spirit of God is the universal force, power, finger, creative energy and the ultimate influence that created all of the universe; the earth, solar system, milky-way, and the worlds beyond us.

When the force of God, known as the Spirit of God is present, there will be healing of all sorts: the blind will see, lame will walk, deaf will hear, dead will be raised, demon will be cast out, creative and natural miracles will occur. God is Spirit, but spirits are not God. He alone and His Son, Jesus Christ, with the redeemed, shared this Spirit of God. It began from the baptism of John in Jordan, the apostles at the Upper Room, and the 21st century saints of God.

Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is present, there will be the above mighty works attesting to the power of God. We have to know God, and not the force of God. If we know God, the force or the finger of God will naturally follow. Our prayer to the Father should be the release of His Spirit upon our world. Christ received His Spirit. The apostles received the same Spirit. And if we have His Spirit, the earth will rock, and God will be on the planet earth again, just like the days of Christ and His apostles.