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Where was God when Herod, Herodias and Salome were plotting the death of John? Did He know how John would exit from this life? Was God ever aware of the intention of man? Did He know that John’s end was near and that he would come home to Him? All the answer to the above questions is yes, yes and yes.

When Satan enters into the wrath of man, he multiplies the intensity a 100 times over, and it’s easy to take human life at that stage. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Herod was playing God. He had the power on earth to kill and to save, but he has no jurisdiction where God reigns and rules in the affairs of men.

While his brother was still alive, he took his wife, and married her. He also took Salome, his brother’s daughter. John confronted him and rebuked the madness of the king, but because he thought he was “god”, he wanted to take the life of the prophet. There was rumbling in the realm of darkness, and evil was to be hashed. Salome danced, Herod liked it, and so did the dignitaries. A promise was made by the king to Salome up to the half of his kingdom. The girl was thrilled and she asked her mother of the king’s proclamation, but she had a different thing in mind. She was interested in the head of John, and when the opportunity came, she did not hesitate.

Salome came requesting for the head of John is a charger, and the king granted her wish. John was beheaded, and the story was history. Death was committed as Satan entered into the anger of man. Know very well that the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of man. Let go, and let God.