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He Walked On Water


Jesus sent His disciples to Bethsaida, while He dismissed the over 5,000 people who had eaten the bread and fishes supernaturally provided by Him. While on their way there, in the middle of the sea, the winds and waves were contrary to them. Christ stepped into the sea, and began to walk on the water towards His disciples as if He would pass them.

The disciples saw the man walking on water, but their reality said to them, “man does not walk on water”. What is your reality to the power of God, and the things that He is doing? Does it contradict His plans for your life? Have you placed a limit on the Lord who is above limitation? Can you let go your reality to embrace God’s reality?

There is nothing too hard, or impossible to Him. All things are possible to God and him that believes in God. Amidst fear of death, crying out for someone to save them, the waves and winds of life, Christ will come unto us, reassuring us that all is well, and that He has the power to make our waves and winds that surround us to disappear.

In Matt.14:23-33, when Peter asked Jesus to bid him come on the water towards Him, He said, “Come” and humanity walked on water in Peter. We have a God with whom all things are possible, therefore, let’s let go our reality for His reality, and experience a miracle.