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The Pharisees and the Scribes came from Jerusalem to ask Jesus series of questions. They asked Him, “Why do His disciples not first wash their hands before eating meal”? It is good to have this habit, but when it is carried to extreme, it becomes a negative thing. They were offended because of this act of His disciples, and they never let go of it. They did not let it go. Whoever you’re, you must let go offences, whether real or imagined.

This was an issue for them, but they have even greater beef to settle with the Lord. They love to camouflage their real intension, but became transparent with lesser issues, and the Lord recognized it. They put forward the good foot, and hide the bad one before the Lord, almighty. They could not do that, and neither can we, the saints of God. You can’t deceive God!

They held on to the tradition of the elders and disregarded the infallible word of God that is settled forever in heaven. That was their sin, and for Christ, they were not real before God. They professed that they knew God with their mouths, but denied Him by their actions. This is called hypocrisy, and the Lord hates it in spirits, angels and humanity. When we pretend to be what we are not, to us it is hypocrisy, and we are not real with God. Don’t put your good foot forward before God, and thinking that the ugly one is well hidden. We must not hide behind our good looks. It is an abomination before God.

In our world today, the saints are guilty of not being real before the Lord. We are always hiding one thing from Him, and presenting another to Him. No my brother
and sister, be real, be yourself, and ask His Spirit to help you to be transparent. Determine to do this in 2015, and God will manifest Himself to you.