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What defiles a man is not food, but things that enter through the feeling, ear and eye gates do.


Jesus was talking about what corrupts a man and makes him unfit for God to use him in His Kingdom in Mk.7:14-23. There are several gates or doors into the spirit, heart and belly of a man.

The mouth is directly connected to the belly, and all foods go through it to the belly. The useful parts are absolved into the bloodstreams while the waste is passed out into the draught. So food can’t defile or make you unacceptable to God unless He had previously told you not to eat any particular food item.

When it comes to the spirit or heart of a man, it is a different thing. The feeling, ear and eye gates go straight to your heart or spirit. Words and actions are stored in there, whether negative or positive, waiting to be released at an opportune time.

The things you feel, hear and see have great potential to bless or ruin your life, and that is why Phil.4:6-9 say, you must receive into your life things that have virtue and goodness. Food is not for your spirit, and cannot enter into your heart, but the things that enter the feeling, ear and eye gates are released from the heart of man, and that is what defiles him. These negative things, as well as the positive ones, come out of the heart.

Out of the heart comes forth evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders…. foolishness, (vv.21-22) and these things defile. All these evil things come from within, and defile a man. (v.23) So watch your feeling, ear and eye gates, and think of Phil.4:6-9. May God help us to let go offences. Amen!