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Imagine you came to where the Church meets on Sunday, and you witnessed something out of the ordinary. After the sermon, the minister says, “today you can put your tithes and offerings away. We are going to give you money to meet your needs”. Hot dogs, the entire congregation will be on cloud nine!

Jesus spent three days with the crowd that was hearing His word, and it was time to send away at the end of the third day. He has been feeding them with spiritual meal, but they lacked the physical, and He was not about to send them away hungry. And some of them had come from far away. He was moved with compassion, and He asked His disciples what kind of food they had with them.

Comparing the scene with what we have in today’s world, it was similar to us, seeing that the hunger was deep. Almost all the evangelists preach the gospel for a profit. They do not give, but take from the people who have come to receive the word of God.

Jesus gave us an example of how it should be done. We should first feed their spirits with the word of God, then feed their bodies with physical food. There are more to be said about soul winning these days than meets the eye. We have not followed the examples of the Lord.

Even in our congregation, we take from the people of the Lord, instead of giving back to them, either in cash or kind to meet their needs of lack, as a result of the world’s economy. A leadership that can give to the people will be blessed. The Lord said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

He found out that His disciples had seven loaves of bread with few fishes. He asked that the people should sit down in groups of 20, 30, 40 and so on. Then He took the bread and few fishes from them. He blessed them and gave thanks to God, before giving the bread and fish to His disciples. They distributed them to the groups, and they ate. At the end of it, when everyone has had his fill, they received back of the surplus, seven baskets full of bread and fish. They also noticed that besides women and children, they had fed 4 thousand men. In all, counting the women and children, the number of people that were fed would surpass 12 thousand. The Lesson: Ministers of God should try giving back to their congregation in kind or cash to meet needs, instead of always taking from them.