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Christ knew His Mission of the earth given to Him by His Father, and there was no equivocating about what He was sent here to do. He had an incredible sense of right and wrong, especially justice. He never borrowed anything from anyone in which He did not return in abundance for the person who first gave Him the thing to use.

When a boy gave Him his lunch, He returned 12 baskets full of fish and bread. When Mary anointed Him with an expensive perfume of pure nard, He immortalized her name with the proclamation of the Gospel. And here in Luke.5:1-11, when Peter gave Him his boat and thus provided a seat for Christ, He gave him and his companion a great draught of fish. (vv.5-6)

He is the Creator of the universe and there is nothing too difficult or hard for Him. If you give Him your life, He will pay you back with families, wealth and riches, including persecution and abundant life here and hereafter.

He is the incredible Christ, and you will never lose anything committed to His care. There is an adage that goes like this: “He is a fool who keeps what he can lose, to lose what he can keep. But he is wise, who gives way what he cannot keep, to receive what he cannot lose for eternity”.

We will lose our lives no matter how many years we live on the planet earth. We can live between 110 to 120 years by reason of strength, but death will come, like it or not. My father’s died, and his father’s father too, and we can trace it back to Adam, the Son of God. It will be wise to give Christ our lives for His life, and we can never lose His life, here and hereafter.

His mission to the earth is to make son and daughters of Adam, the children of God, the Father. This is extremely important, and it comes first in the rankings of His mission to earth. There are other reasons related to this primary one, and they are the conquest of Satan, to set at liberty the children of Adam, who are battered, broken, defeated and lost in this life. See Luke.4:18.

It is of an uttermost importance to anchor our lives in Christ. He is the only One in God that can keep it safe and sound. He went through hell to make us understand His mission given to Him by His Father. At the end of His mission, He was gloriously successful at it and brought glory to God and peace on earth. No more sorrow, tears, death, hardships, pain and suffering of this present evil world. They will pale at the revelation of the glory of God in which the children of Adam will find themselves at the close of time in this terrestrial ball.

I appeal and urge you to consider Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, who has borne our sins, nailing them to His cross forever and ever. The scripture says, “Now there is no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit of God. For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, has made you free from the law of sin and death”. (Rom.8:1-2)

If you give Christ your life today, you will not regret it. You will be of the company of the saints of God. You will live hereafter, and you will inherit the earth because you have be given the humility of Christ spoken of in Matt.11:28-30. Thank you for obeying Christ in God.