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The Lord Jesus Christ sighed deeply for the unbelief of mankind, and He was disappointed as He came from the foreign land into the region of Dalmanuta around Galilee. The Pharisees came to Him and began to ask Him questions, wanting from Him a sign from heaven. They did not really care for the signs, but they wanted to implicate Him by His words.

The attitude of humanity disturbed the Lord immensely, and it was noticed by His deep sighing in His spirit. Our world is not different from that of the Pharisees, and we are guilty of the same thing. We love the sensational, the miraculous, wonders, signs and things related to them.

If these signs lead us into salvation experience, the Lord will not mind it all, but they were mesmerized by signs, and would not believe Him as the messenger of God sent to redeem them from sins. Jesus had performed signs, miracles, and wonders, but they scoffed at them, and even said that He was allied to the prince of demons.

They knew that His miracles were authentic, but for jealousy and pride, they could not receive nor accept that He was sent from heaven. Our world today is like that, and we do not want Him in our schools, market, public and government places. We do not want the Lord’s prayer, the ten commandments, His Name, and everything that He stood for. It did not matter how many miracles and signs He did before their eyes, they would not believe Him because of their pride and jealousy. That was the issue that disturbed Jesus more that anything.

Christ was not arrogant, nor was He robbing these signs on their faces. There were some instances that He did not want the reports of His healing virtues to be publicized amongst the people. In today’s world, we want to be healed, and still maintain our lifestyles of sins and evil practices, provoking the Lord God to anger.

I repeat the question: “Why does this generation seek after a sign”? The reason is that they want the supernatural, but not the God behind it all. They did not want a relationship with Him. They wanted the feeling sensations that came with the signs, and signs only, but refusing the Lord God who gave them the signs. The most important thing in this world is having a relationship with God, and these stuffs will flow out from there, including signs, wonders, miracles and other stuffs.