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The greatest saints will cringe at these statements the word of God had revealed to us, the saints of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus says, “The Seed Is The Word Of God”, and when a soul receives the seed, he receives God into him. The Seed of God must produce after its kind, and God’s seed produces after God. The Seed that a person has received is God’s Seed, therefore, the Seed of God must reproduce after God’s kind. It follows that God has reproduced Himself in man. It is correct to say that, “You are god under God”, even as the scripture has said, “You are gods”. (Psm.82:6, Jn.10:34) You have the Seed of God in you, and Jesus Christ is the Seed of God. The Seed produces Plant, and the plant produces more seeds, and circle goes on and on. You are what God says, you are. You are the “I AM” in Christ Jesus. No wonder, you are more than a Conqueror and are invincible, because God is in you. The body of clay may die, but the Seed of God lives on and on. It cannot be killed, and you cannot be killed, because you are God’s kind, and there is eternity in you. You live above sin; because the Seed of God lives above sin. This is a Wow!