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The saints of God should be conscious of His presence all the time, and there is no day that goes by that God is not with us. He is our Emmanuel.

We live in an age where evil spirits fill our planet, and they are everywhere, particularly where darkness and evil reign. The angels of God are more in number than evil spirits. If the world has over 200 billion demons, the angels should be more than 600 billion because a third of bad spirits exited the camp of God. The good angels became demons in the rebellion of Rev.12:7-9, Isa.14:12-15 and Ezk.28:12-19.

Jesus was talking to His disciples of the attitude, behavior and the way of life of the Pharisees and Herod. He was referring to their doctrines and precepts that governed their lives, and not physical bread. (v.15) But the disciples thought that He was talking about loaves of bread. The Lord and His disciples were on different frequencies. The Lord was on a frequency of the Spirit of God while they were on the frequency of the logic of man. (v.14) They reasoned amongst themselves because they had no bread.

The disciples equated one loaf of bread to no bread at all. As far as they were concerned, one bread was no bread, and it amounted to nothing or zero. But the Lord said, “I can make water in the wilderness, and turn stones into bread for the needs of my people. With God, Jesus can feed 22 thousand men with a loaf of bread, excluding women and children. With God, nothing shall be impossible, and to those who believe in Him, all things are possible.

When God is about something or with someone, nothing can become something, and one can turn to 5, 10, 20 and so on. We doubt God, and we are not conscious of His presence, power and goodness with us. Even though Jesus was present with His disciples, they were always operating in the realms of the physical and the impossibility.

Today, Jesus is more than enough for us, and we should trust Him to turn the negative situation around us for the better and the blessing of humanity, and for His glory. Know today that, even if you have one, or you are one, God can turn it around. One is sufficient when it is in the hands of God, and He can multiply it to meet your needs and bless mankind.