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(Mark.16:15-18 & 1:21-28)

In the universe, including our planet earth and all the known and unknown planets, there are four groups of spirits: a) The Spirit of God, b) The realms of angels (cherubims, Sarapphims, angels and archangels); c) The realm of Satan and all the fallen angels and disembodied spirits and d) The realm of mankind called humanity of men, women and children. Animals do not have spirits, but their bodies and souls can be apartments for the habitation of demons in order to affect God’s works negatively.

In this article, we are concerned about the realm of humanity and therefore we will be concentrating on our planet earth and the beings and creatures living in it. We limit this article to the scope of the earth.

Primarily, a human being is a “spirit” who has been clad or clothed with a tangible, physical, perishable body for the purpose of existence on a physical plane. At death, the clothes are removed and man is back to the original state of being a spirit. Before sin entered into our world, God had intended to amalgamate the human spirit and the body that contains him. That plan was temporarily set-aside in the Garden of Eden when our first parents Adam and Eve sinned. At the advent of Christ, the Father has begun to resume the everlasting plan to clothe man with a house that will be of the same composition and constitution like his spirit. This new cloth is called glorified body and all that believe in Christ and are born of God will receive this new permanent tent (body).

Every human being you see walking, driving or just living is a spirit that has been clothed with a perishable body to make the existence on earth a reality. They do not need these bodies in heaven. All demonic beings are spirits without bodies and this makes their existence on earth very difficult. They need to inhabit human bodies for operation on earth. This is where the entire theology of demon possession, obsession, influence and all the nuances around them fall or stand. The bottom line is: A spirit needs a body to be functional on earth and that is why God gave your spirit a body and you do not need it in heaven. Once a person loses his or her body, he or she is automatically introduced into the realm of the spirit and it is different from our earth. The question therefore is: Would you allow demons to be the tenants of your house (body)? In Matt.12:42-45, Jesus said, “When a demon is cast out of a person, it goes wandering in arid or dry places looking for a new home. If it does not find one, he returns to the old apartment. At its arrival, if it finds it unoccupied, he goes out and brings back 7 other spirits more powerful than itself.”

A person can be possessed and this depends on the degree of surrender or yieldedness to the invader or the prospective tenant. God and Satan want to live in us to bring about a change in people’s lives and fulfill their plans and purposes on earth through humans. In Mark.1:21-28, Jesus set a man free from the presence of demons in his house (body). You may call it any name you want; possession, afflicted, influenced, demonized or any other name. The fact is that the spirit was in the man’s body and Jesus dislodged it by sending it out of the body. There are variables and degrees of the presence of demons in a person whether saint or sinner.

There are different kinds of demons too. There are demons of lying, verbosity, theft, hatred, deception, profanity, sodomy, lesbianism, immorality, bestiality, murder, greed, tyranny, gambling, alcoholism, narcotics, cheating and much more. For instance a believer who is proud, insensitive and inconsiderate of fellow believers’ time and commitment ruin their day. This may have the presence of a demon in that particular department of his or her life. They know when to start speaking, but have no clue when to stop and creates an atmosphere of tension, anger and displeasure amongst the people of God. Such saints drive both the godly and ungodly crazy because of their long-windedness. They just go on and on totally destroying the day and plan of the other person. This is not of God and has no atom of spirituality in it. There are demons of food (eating), beauty, sexual perversion, learning (education) fame, power, greed for money, religion and all the likes mentioned in Galatians.5:19-21. You know who you are and what areas of your life are influenced by demons. Possible areas of demonic actions or presence are: in spending money, talking, sexuality, education, social life, honesty, greed, beauty, fashion, marriage, relationship etc.

Demons are bodiless spirit beings who lost the battle at the “Real Star Wars” many years ago in heaven and recorded in Revelation 12:1-11. In comparison, George Lucas’ Star Wars are like children building Castles in the sand with sands. Satan is the Commander-in-chief of the demonic army and it is highly regimented and more superior than the armies of earth. In that Star Wars, the angels who joined Lucifer’s army lost their spiritual bodies at the end of the rebellion and were cast down to planet earth. See Revelation.12, Isaiah.14 and Ezekiel. 28 for some divine commentaries on the fall of Satan and how he and his demons got to our earth.

God never created demons. Demons became demons by will and choice. Human beings can also become evil and wicked by will and choice. If we open the doors of our lives to demons, they will come in, but if we close them, they cannot force themselves into us. Environment, up bringing, parents, friends and relatives create the atmosphere for people to have demons as tenants of their bodies. The choices we make as people also send invitation to demons that we are available. Demonic influence can start as early as in our mother’s womb because of the occultic, demonic or evil practices of our parents, particularly our mothers who are pregnant with us. If John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit in his mother’s womb, then babies can be filled with demonic spirits in their mother’s womb depending on their lifestyles. Our lifestyles close or open the doors to Satan and demons. (Matt.12:43-45) Demons cannot possess babies in the crib at the maternity ward in the Hospital. However, demonic activities and presence can be passed on from parents to children. See John.1:39-45. The spiritual atmosphere around Mary and Elizabeth affected the baby in Mrs. Zachariah’s womb.

There are some events and materials that attract demons and these things serve as signals and invitation letters to demons to come to our homes and lives. Special images evoke demonic presence. Carved sculptures from other lands and nations transfer demons inter-continentally and we mount these idols on the walls of our bedrooms and living rooms. Hard core pornographic materials, incense burning, pounding of a particular bit, immoral sexual life, addictions: alcohol, drugs and gambling, special venues and location in the homes of palm-readers, sooth-sayers, tarot card readers, clairvoyance, playing with ouijaboard, six and seven books of Moses, Satanic verses etc will bring the presence of demons to your homes and lives.   Pictures and images of dragon, totally nude women and men, human sculls, bull sculls, snakes and others will send signals to demons to visit you.

Every human being that has a physical body as a result of their birth into planet earth has authority over Satan and demons. One primary reason why this is so is the fact that all humans including Jesus Christ have birth certificate and Satan and his demons do not. They gatecrashed into our world without passport and visa. They are impostors and illegitimate dwellers on our planet earth. Do you remember in the Gospel of Luke that people who were not Christians were casting out demons from people in Jesus’ Name and it worked for them? They had good intentions and unlike the sons of Scevas in Acts.19 who were overpowered by demons and tortured terribly.

Satan and demons can be defeated because our Lord Jesus Christ had already defeated him on our behalf. All we must do now is to enforce the victory of the cross of Calvary over Satan and his hosts of demons. We can defeat Satan and his army through the Gospel, the Word of God (Matt.4:4), a lifestyle of holiness and commitment to godly living. We can defeat them through the blood of Christ, His Name (Phil. 2:1-11) and the awesome power of the Holy Spirit in us. (1John.4:4) We must make no room for Satan in our appetite, sexual life as marriage people, our talk and walk as well as in our relationships. We must be sensitive to the needs, times, growth and the maturity of others. Commitment to God, His Ways, Will and Word are sure guarantees for barring the doors of our lives against Satan and his demons. The Blood of Jesus covers us and the enemies cannot cross the BLOODLINE. You have authority and dominion over Satan and all of his demons through Jesus Christ who we serve and whose we are. In Him we live, move and have our beings. We are more than conquerors in Him according to Romans.8:37.