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Biblically speaking, when a man chooses to fight for himself, God will let him, but if he trusts the Lord for the wrongs done to him, the Lord will fight for him and give him the victory. Heaven cannot help those who help themselves, but only those who trust in the grace of God. If you selfishly do something for another human being with “what-is-in-it-for-me” attitude, you lose, but if you do it without any expectation or feedback, God will bless you and reward greatly. The story we are considering from Mark.14:1-11 has to do with a woman who served the Lord without expecting any feed back from her ministry.

This woman anointed Jesus for burial and we want to start by asking the question: Anointing? What is it? It is a supernatural endowment from God upon man wherein the latter is directly connected to the omnipotence of God for a brief moment, in order to glorify God and complete a specific divinely assigned task. It is a divine infusion of the omniscience that enables a believer to carry out designated task from the Lord. When a person is under the anointing, he comes into the omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence on behalf of God, to touch humanity, either in judgment or in blessing.

It is the anointing of God upon a believer that produces the raising of the dead, deliverance, salvation, healings, workings of miracle and other gifts of the Holy Spirit. Once under the anointing, depending on the given task, you can see heaven, know the past or future of a person and reveal the secrets in people’s heart. When the anointing of the Spirit was upon Samson, he did exploits for the glory of God. Among the things he did, he killed more than 3,000 soldiers with the jaw of an ox. Read the story in Judges chapters 12-16.

Jesus was the invited guest in Simon’s house and they were enjoying the meal around the table, when a woman entered the dinning room. She had a special bottle in her hand. It was an expensive bottle of perfume, equivalent to a year’s wages then and about five today. She clipped the neck of the bottle and poured the entire content on Jesus’ head. The fragrance, power and the aroma of the perfume engulfed the room as it ran down Jesus’ head, nose, ears, lips and chin to His feet. It was as if the glory of God filled the house, because of its overpowering presence. Jesus was anointed for burial in preparation for the ordeal, hardship, torture, torment and the agony of heart and soul ahead of Him. This woman made Jesus’ day and He was overjoyed by the selflessness of her service to Him.

How important is Jesus to you? What is the value or worth of the Son of God by your judgment? How much would Jesus sell for, if He were to go to the market? How much money would you bid on Jesus if He were for sale? What is the value of God in your estimation? Is there anything in your life that is more important than Jesus? For this woman, Jesus and not a prospective husband, is the greatest being in her life. Jesus was her man and she saw him as #1.

What about you? Is Jesus # 1 or # 10? You will have to answer that question for yourself. The special perfume was being preserved for a wedding day when the very special Mr. Right would come. However, before the advent of Mr. Right, the woman had a revelation of the greatest man that had ever lived on earth past, present and future. There will never be a greater even if the earth is to exist forever. In her heart she cast the die and crossed the rubicorn, voting for Jesus Christ, as the Greatest Man of all centuries. To her, Jesus was greater than all the angels. He was greater than Moses and all the prophets combined. He was greater than a husband and all the pleasure and joy he could bring her. She had found the Pearl of the uttermost price and there is nothing too good or valuable to withhold from Him. This woman caught the revelation of the worth, importance, significance and the value of Christ. No wonder she lavished on Him her life savings. Is Jesus worth your life savings?

In John.12:24, Jesus said, “Except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone, however, if it dies, it brings forth much harvest.” What do you think of death? It is not a friend, but it is necessary in life. Are you afraid of dying? Are you bound by the fear of death? Jesus said, “Life is the product of death and those who are not willing to die cannot really begin to live.” If you want to live, you must prepare to die daily, because life always comes out of death. Ask a pregnant woman about to give birth to a baby. Talk the farmers about dying and living.

The science of farming is based on the principle of dying and living. The seeds they plant must die first, in order to have germination, which grows into harvest for them. If you cannot bear the cross, you cannot wear a crown. This woman prepared Jesus ahead of time for the concomitants of the grace and Salvation of God through Jesus Christ. He was being groomed for the ridicule, torture, torment, rape, cruel beatings, scourging, humiliation, crucifixion, death and burial that would bring about our Salvation from the tyranny of Satan and demons.

Are you willing to die to your dreams and offer them up as sacrifices to the Lord? Are you willing to die to your pride and the need for fame and recognition? Can you offer your only Isaac to the Lord? This woman did and what about you? Christianity must not only be on Sunday, in the Church building, but must also go to the market places, offices, market places and on the streets with us. We must learn how to walk the talk or else, we will just be noisy gongs. We must begin to serve the Lord God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength without any feedback. (Luke.10:27) When God gave us His One and Only Son, He was not looking for any feedback.

Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America. In his years as the # 1 citizen of USA, he received many people into the White House. Without any exception, almost everyone who entered his Oval Office wanted a favor. These people wanted something from him. He knew the very root of human weakness and selfishness and in summary it is: “Unless there is something in it for me, I will not and cannot be bothered.” One day, an elderly lady came to the Oval Office. With much difficulty, she found herself in the president’s office standing face to face before him.

She said to him, “I was just thinking about you and I thought I should bring you a pie, specially prepared for you to let you know that you are loved and very much appreciated. She gave him the pie and tears of joy rolled down the first citizen’s cheeks. Unbelievable, incredible and unimaginable! Woo! You mean there are still people like this on earth who do things for no feedback and just because they love and care. The lady made the president’s day and his faith both in God and man was boosted. This was what happened to Jesus here in Mark.14:1-11. A woman came to bless Him and wanted nothing in return. Can you handle that or Hollywood and the Me Generation have biased your mind?

Have you ever heard God in your spirit? Revelation is of the Holy Spirit. Any revelation outside the Holy Spirit is of the devil and totally demonic. This woman heard the voice of the Holy Spirit and she responded in total obedience and sacrificed the best and the highest that she had for her Lord and Master. She anointed Jesus for burial in preparation for the hardship, suffering, torture, torment, death and burial awaiting Him not many months away. How important is Jesus to you? Can you give Him your whole year’s salary? If you have troubles giving offering to Him, then giving God a year’s wages will be like asking a fish to live in the Sahara desert. Think about it! Do you know the burden of the Lord? It is people, people and people and if you are not willing to sacrifice your best for Him to achieve this goal, then you do not really understand what Christianity is all about.

If Jesus sacrificed His life for you, then you must be willing to part with sin…sexual, mental, bodily and emotional sins. May the Lord anoint you for His Service & prepare you to bring His children home.

KEY PHRASES: What is an anointing? If Jesus was for sale, how much will you bid for Him? Who is # 1 person or being in your life? Are you willing to die to sin and inordinate ambitions and desires? Do not forget that life comes out of death and unless you are prepared to die, you are not really ready to live. Do you do things for people in order to receive a feedback? Are you wrapped up in a Me Generation?

Can you give Jesus a whole year’s wages? Do you have trouble doing acts of kindness? Have you ever heard the voice of God? Have you ever been anointed for a divinely assigned task? How did you feel? Do you know that the burden of the Lord is people? You are the soldiers of the Cross. Please don’t let Him down. Stand Up for Him!