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(Mk.10:2-12, Matt.19:3-12)

Hollywood has redefined divorce, and it has re-written its own law of marriage, and divorce is allowed in the ranks and files of the Hollywood actors and actresses. But in the beginning it was not so. Marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled. It is binding, and between male and female, and not Adam and Steve.

The hearts of people (men and women) play a major role in the separation that has occurred between husband and wife. If there are two people, and they are married, and their hearts are pure, open and humble, divorce is an impossible proposition between them. The God who created marriage and gave it as His gift to humanity will make a way for them however the enemy plans to keep them apart. The words are humility, openness, purity and the fear of God. Money and the things of the world are not strong enough to separate them.

According to the Pharisees and the Sadducees, you can put away your wife for any reason, provided you sign your name at the bottom of the bill of divorcement. But Christ said not so fast people of the Hollywood. God made the entity called marriage, and no man can tear it apart. What man did not create, he cannot separate.In the mind of the Maker and Creator of mankind, marriage is indissoluble and binding for the individuals that have entered into the contract. On the earth, contract can be terminated, but the contract of heaven is not so easily terminated according Christ. He maintained that if you get married, you are bound to remain in it for life, till death do you part. He says, “Whoever shall put away his wife and marries another, commits adultery against her. And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she commits adultery against him”. (v.11-12) No explanation given here by Christ.

Marriage is indissoluble, and it is God who instituted it at the beginning in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve. It has been in the beginning, and will continue till the end of the age. It is not for Adam and Steve, but Adam and Eve.

It is mankind’s heart that looks for other alternative ways that lead to divorces in our world today. It has been said that two out of every three marriages end up in divorce. People get married for different reason, and not the reason God had stipulated at the onset of life. He said that the man must leave and cleave to his wife in marriage. If man leaves and does not cleave, there will be trouble, but if he cleaves and does not leave, the same trouble will follow the marriage. The injunction is “Leaving and Cleaving”.

It is very essential that the leaving and cleaving are well pondered before the people concerned step into it. Marriage is like building a house, and if the owner does not consider the cost, when he embarks on the building project, he will suffer loss. Those who pass by it will have negative things to say concerning the owner. Amongst the things they will say is this, he started to build a house, but he does not have enough to complete it.

In marriage, when God is in it, it cannot fall apart however hard the storm of life will beat against it. There are three parties in marriage: God, husband and his wife. They are in the triangle of marriage, and God is at the apex, while the man and his wife are at the two bases. The more they move towards the apex, the closer to God they will get, and by implication, the closer to one another they will become. God makes the marriage work, and there is no institution on the planet that has the right to marriage, except God, the One who gave it to mankind.

The Sanhedrin always questioned Christ, for they disapproved of all His ways, works and ministry. The Pharisees came to Him in order to tempt Him. They asked, “Can a man put away his wife lawfully according to the law of Moses? They did not have legitimate question, but they were out to implicate the Lord in His words. Christ turned to them and asked, “What did Moses command you”? In other words, what did Moses say regarding this subject on divorce?

According to the Pharisees and Hollywood, they can write the wives a bill of divorcement, because of irreconcilable differences, not a classy woman, does not know how to manage money, she is not good in bed, she is too fat or thin, and many more reasons why a man or woman leaves his or her spouse.

These are all excuses, and they do not hold water before the Lord God Almighty. You are not allowed to break apart the entity called marriage, because you did not put it together. Only God can put asunder what He has put together.

They replied and said that Moses allowed them to put their wives away by writing them a certificate or bill of divorcement, signed by their husbands. In this bill, whatever the husband gave for his reason of not willing to live with the wife was accepted by Law, if he signed it. What bigotry! Christ said that the reason Moses gave this ordinance was because of their stubborn, hard and treacherous heart. It was not so from the beginning of creation when God brought the man and his wife together.

He made them male and female, and blessed them. He said that a man should leave his father and mother to cleave to his wife. Leaving and cleaving completes the union, but staying and cleaving brings confusion and troubles. If you leave and take a wife to stay with your parents, bye and bye, you will have difficulties, and your parents will be always there to bail you out. You will not learn how to tackle the problem on your own.

God made of two one, and what He has joined together, let no man separate. God did not give us the reasons in Mark’s Gospel why they may come apart. He just told us that we should not do it. He only stated the indissolubility of what He has welded together. If you think God does not know what He is saying, then you are bigger fool than you think. God always has reasons for what He said, and it pays if we will not circumvent His will and word.

There are other scriptures in where the Lord gives us some reasons to separate from a man or woman in Matt.19:3-12. He said that whoever puts away his wife, and marries another commits adultery against her. And if a woman puts away her husband, and marries another man, she is guilty of adultery as well. It makes no difference if you are a minister, an elder, a saint, a queen or king; you are guilty before the God of heaven, who gave us the gift of marriage. Do not break apart what God has welded together. If both parties are willing, there is nothing impossible to God. There is no marriage that He cannot restore. We need to work hard at our marriage with the help of God.

God’s heart is for the continuity of marriage, but people’s hearts can cause the dissolution. If a person sleeps with his or her daughter or son, that will lead to separation. If a person is evil and wicked to his or her mate, using him or her as a punching bag over the years of their marriage life, it is a cause for separation. If a person could not keep her dress or his pants up, and constantly going after others who do not belong to him or her, it is a cause for putting asunder what God has joined together. These and other practices will terminate what God has welded together.

Strive to live with your spouse, giving honor to him or her as the children of God in particular, and brother and sister in general. The Bible gave us one of the causes for divorce, and it is in Matt.19:3-9. If you are in doubt read it for your self. (www.divinityhc.wordpress.com)