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 According to Matt.16:17-28, it is so easy for God to use a man, and yet the enemy has access to his mind as well. He cannot read it, but he can project thoughts into it that we will own as coming from us. God’s revelation came to Peter unbeknown to him, and at the same time, Satan thoughts were projected into his mind. He equated and accepted the ways of Satan as his own thoughts, and the servant rebuked the Lord and Master, thus revealing the intent of the rebellion of the enemy. We must not allow the enemy to use us in playing God in our lives.

v.31. Christ’s spirit is heavy because His time to go the cross has come, and He is feeling the pressure from the power of darkness. So He calls His disciples and begins to talk to them openly. He said, Satan with the power of darkness is plotting His death, and this is the will of His Father. Heaven is getting ready to receive the blood of the spotless Son of God into the holy of holies in heaven. So, heaven is excited, as well as sad, because for Mark Anthony to give Shylock a pound of his flesh, he must first give his life.

Satan will instigate the rulers of the Jews to arrest Him just as his is using the governments of the world to do evil of an alarming proportion on our world today. He will be rejected, kicked around, flogged, lay on Him cruel and false charges. He will triumph over the flesh, grave, hell, sin and Satan in His death, by stooping down to conquer. He will be alive and never to die again.

Put your name in Peter’s place, and go back in your mind to the first century as one of the twelve, hearing and listening to the foreboding words of Christ for the first time in your life. What will be your emotional response? How will you act or re-act? Will you be impetuous as Peter, having been overwhelmed by your emotions? Yes, we will!

For Peter, this is not just human emotion, but Satan has entered into it, and causes Peter’s to be his mouthpiece, thereby playing God. It is impossible for a person to take human life without Satan without the enemy entering into man’s anger, and turn it into a flaming red-hot wrath that will kill without blinking an eye. Peter does not know this, but Jesus knows that it is not Peter speaking, but it is the enemy.

How much does Satan know and understand? Not much at all, his the knowledge is in the fear, discouragement, lies, resentment, and bitterness that he projects into our minds that we are being wrong, discriminated against, offended, abused, defamed and all the negatives inside us. It is how you interpret and evaluate the actions that are coming from the outside of you that produce positive or negative reactions within you. If you all allow all that is coming into you to pass through the grid of the word of God, there will be fewer offences in the body of Christ.

If we can analyze all the events that negative reactions, words and emotions in our lives, and light them up with the light of God’s word, there will be less of the negative reactions from the people of God towards one another. We say we believe the word of God, but in reality we are not, because we do not act according to His words, either the spoken, or written words. Our Christian World will be one of peace and utopia for all to enjoy the Lord and His blessings.

Aided by Satan, Peter takes Jesus aside from the disciples and the crowd, begins to rebuke his Lord and Master, saying; may that happen to your enemy, you are the King, and no one can mess around with you, knock off this idea from your mind and perish the thoughts. (v.32)

But Jesus knows who is really talking, and properly addresses him as Satan. He says, “Get you behind Me Satan, for you want thing that are yours, and cares not for the things of God. You put yourself above the will of God and all that He is doing, using humanity as your puppet in order to damn their souls in hell. You separate mankind from their Creator and God by lies, fear, unbelief and condemnation through the projection of your thoughts in their minds.

As Christians, before we do any thing, we ought to be certain that it is the will and voice if the Lord that we are hearing. The scripture says, “My sheep know my voice and they will follow Me”. (Jn.10:4) It takes minutes to check out the voices in our minds, if we have created the grid in our minds for the communication with the Lord through His word that He has already spoken to us. The Rhema word is validated by the written word, and we listen closely we shall hear His voice. If what we are hearing does not agree with what God has previously spoken in His word, we have a need to wait.

God sent Christ into the world to be the propitiation for the sins of mankind, and any thing that contradicts it, is not of God no matter however sweet it may sound. The word says that Jesus must be ridiculed, spat on, suffer, tortures kill and bury, and He will rise again the third day. Those who cannot accept and believe this truth are enemies of God, just as Satan is the rain behind the rebuke of the Lord by Peter. When the will of man intercept God’s will, it is better to give into the latter. It is not good to play God, and it will never turn out in our favor. God is God, and His will, mercy, grace and love abide forever. He is always doing things in favor of man because of His mercy. The scripture says, “Oh give thanks unto the God of heaven: for His mercy endures forever. (Psm.136:20b)

Considering the relentless attempts of the enemy to turn mankind against His Creator and God, Jesus says, “Whoever will come after Him, must deny his self life and forgo the of his self will, take up his cross, the sentence of death, and follow Him.” We are called to die to our self-life through our crosses that He has called us to carry daily. Those who want to play God, and unwilling to do just that, cannot be His disciples.

The cross is for crucifixion of the self-life, an instrument of death to our self-lifestyle. Therefore, whoever will save his life, will lose it, but whosoever will lose his life for My sake and the Gospel’s, will keep and save it. The way up is first down, and the way down is up when we want to play God. Then Jesus asks them a question, “What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the system of this whole world, and lose his soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his life? Nothing! But Jesus gave His life in exchange for our filthy lives. The life of Christ is the equivalent to our lives.

Peter and all that the enemy will use to alter the will of God, listen to this: “Whoever shall ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him shall the Son of Man be ashamed, when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels”. Everyone who will give in to the manipulation and projection of the enemy will certainly be ashamed of Me, and there is no place in God for such a soul. There is no room in God for those who are friends to the enemy of God, here below, and in the heaven above. The ransom of my life is the life of Jesus Christ, and I am for Him in life and death situations. Amen!