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The problem of Christendom that is yours and mine, is that we are  deficient in the department of belief and trust. We say that we believe in God, but in reality we don’t. When difficulty times come, as it did to David, we gravitate towards what we can see, feel, touch and hear in lieu of God that we cannot see, hear or touch. We want a flesh-on God that is tangible, real and can be seen by our human eyes. That is the heart of the problem.

What is the use of a God who is not visible and comprehensible? We need a god that can touch us in the deepest level of our spirit. But the walk of faith is not measured by sight, hearing or touch. The just one shall live by faith (Rom.1:17b) and faith is of the spirit, like the God of faith, who calls the things that do not appear, as if they are. God who gives life to the dead and calls things that do not exist as if they do. Can we dare to believe Him and likewise call the answer to our needs as done, even though we do not see it yet? That is faith and God’s kind of faith. (Rom.4:17)

David had many trials and difficulties, and half of them he brought upon himself, but he had the presence of mind not to trust in himself, but the God who delivered him from the lion and bear. That’s the real issue. When tragedy, trial or difficulty comes our ways, and it is threatening our lives, we quickly reverse into what we are comfortable with: doctors, money, man, pills, hospitals and a world of different things. It is not sin however to go to the hospital or see a doctor, but our faith in God must not waver, even as we heat negative things or prognosis from the doctors.

If we can do that and look away from what is seen to what is not seen, and call those things that do not appear as if they do, all of God’s children will begin to have a measure of victory in their lives. So read Psm.55 again from that stand point, and believe God with whom all things are possible. All things are possible to him or her who dares to believe in Him, just as we believe Him for our salvation. So we need to hang in there and not be moved or shaken by what we see, hear, feel or by the many voices that come to us. God is still on the throne and He is for you. Amen!