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(Spiritually & Naturally)

Death is necessary if there must be a resurrection and death always leaves the living in a deep state of sorrow, pain and grief.  To fully understand Jesus’ resurrection, we must first look at the sorrow, grief and sadness that the heavens, creation and the humans experienced. Sin is union with Satan and it’s a spiritual marriage.


God, the Father, Angels and the Saints in heaven experienced deep pain and sorrow at the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever affects the Father, affects those who are attending to Him…Angels, Cherubims, Seraphims and the departed saints. (Mark.15:34)

Mary, Jesus’ mother and her children, Jesus’ brothers and sisters had great sorrow and pain at the death of their son and brother. (Jn.19:25-27)

The eleven apostles and all the disciples of Jesus were in pain, confusion, grief and great disappointment. (Jn.20:19-20)

The entire City of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas were also in pain and deep sorrow. (Luke.24:17-20)

The multitudes who were touched by His ministry of healing, deliverance, teaching, preaching and salvation were also in great pain. (Lk.23:48-49)

Some members of the ruling class like Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea and others were in shocks and deep sorrow. (Mk.15:43 and Lk.23:50-52)

The women who provided for Jesus’ material needs and followed Him around were also in pain and great sorrow of heart.

Both the earth and the sun registered their disapproval of the events and were greatly grieved.  The glory of God left the Temple and the earth shook violently in severe quake and great pain. (Matt.27:51)  The sun too refused to give its light as it experienced pain and grief.  Darkness was all over the land for three hours. (Luke.23:45)

Whenever death occurs, people experience varying levels of mourning and grief that may stay on for days, weeks, months or years.


Gethsemane To Golgotha

From the arrest of Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane to the few hours before His resurrection, it was a party time for the hosts of darkness and the prince of hell, Satan himself.  Jesus was delivered into the hands of Satan and the demons of hell.  He was tortured in soul and spirit.  (Matt.27:50)

The souls of the OT saints were in captivity and all their prisons guarded by powerful demons, (Eph.4:7-9)

All the demons of the world converged in the city of Jerusalem to celebrate their victory over Jesus and His saints.  It was a party time!  Their arch-enemy has been neutralized and crushed they imagined. And no more defeat and embarrassment.

The celebration went on for three long days from Friday to Sunday and the forces of evil and hell were toasting to their victory in honor of Satan.

Jesus did not go to paradise the day He died.  He went to our hell as the One representing sinners.  He is our sin bearer.  This was a wrong punctuation mark.  It should have read; “I tell you the truth today: you will be with me in paradise.” And not “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.” (Luke.23:43)

Jesus committed His Spirit to His Father and it did not go to heaven.  However, God was in charge of how far the devil can go in vengeance against the Lord.  He set the limits for Satan, just as He did when Job was in his hands. He could not exceed the boundary God had set for him. (Luke.23:46)


When the leaders of a nation or people will not allow God to rule them, they will be ruled by demons and the forces of darkness.  The Sanhedrin sold out totally to the devil and the city was taken over by him.  The city of Jerusalem was overrun by spiritual darkness for three days and Satan ruled the hearts of the leaders who have rejected God and His Christ.  In those three days, darkness prevailed in the hearts of men and women all over the city of Jerusalem and the surrounding regions of Capernaum, Tire, Sidon, Galilee, Jordan, Nazareth and all the cities that received His Ministry. (Mat.27:45-46)


On Easter Sunday, the first day of the week, the Commander of the Army of Heaven, The Holy Spirit, with the hosts of heaven (billions of Angels) marched into the city of Jerusalem for a showdown of brute forces and power to give the city a taste of the demonstration of the Resurrection Power. (Matt.28:2-4 and Roms.1:4)

As they swung into action and operation, all the graves of the Lord Jesus Christ and of the OT saints began to shake violently.  The party of Satan and his demons was over.  The fear and terror of the Lord gripped their minds and hearts.  It was a pay back time and He who laughs last laughs best.

The Grave of the Lord Jesus Christ opened first and He marched straight to the devil and took all the keys of death and hell from his hand.  One by one, in the company of the Holy Spirit and the hosts of Angels, He opened the prison doors of the dead saints of God and set all of them free.  As the graves opened, out came Adam, Abel, Seth, Methuselah, king David, Moses, Daniel, Isaiah, Joshua, Hosea, Habbakuk, Joel and many saints of God.  Jesus was the leader of this resurrected group of OT saints of the living God. (Mark.16:4-5 and Matt.27:50-53; Rev.1:17-18 and 2:7.)

The Lord Jesus Christ led captivity captive and took them to their eternal homes, prepared for them from the foundation of the world. (Eph.4:7-9 and Roms.10:7)  There is no army on earth that can stand the force and the power of the Spirit of God and this army led now by the resurrected Lord.

With the keys in His hands, He went to another group of captives and prisoners who lived in the days of Noah when God destroyed their world with water.  The generations that perished in the flood of Noah had to hear of the justice and mercy of God, this time not for salvation.  Jesus preached to them the righteous judgment of God.  They deserved what they had. (IPeter.3:18-20)


At the resurrection of Christ, the darkness over Jerusalem was broken and the hearts of men and women were free to look up to the one they have pierced and nailed to the tree.  Panic seized Satan and his demonic hosts as they were fleeing from the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and the brightness of His glory.

Jesus is alive and never to die again.  He died that the daughters and sons of men may live forever in the presence of their God, Father and Creator. See Luke.24:4-8 and Rev.1:18 and 2:8)

The grief, pain and sorrow of the people of God changed to great joy and celebration.  It is now Party Time for the saints.  Jesus is alive forever and ever.  He has conquered sin, Satan, the demons of hell and the power of the flesh.  Jesus Lives!  He is alive and the sting of death is over, finished and done with.  The saints in Him now have everlasting Life.

Humans are composed and made of the dust of the earth and the Spirit of God.  At the resurrection, both will come together as one to be a glorified body like the Lord’s and never to die again.  Amen!