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Jesus Christ is fully God and Man.  He is the perfect and only representative of man before the presence of the living God, in whose court we stand.  Jesus is committed to the Father’s will and He needed the support of His Father.  He said, “Glorify Me in this time, so that your Name may be glorified in the Son, in His obedience to your will.”   Salvation is the union of God and Man at work and Jesus Christ is the personification of humanity.  God needs you as much as you need Him. Authority is the right to rule and the Father gave Christ the authority over all humanity as their Federal Head.  Every one who comes to Jesus has been drawn by the Father’s Love and Jesus Christ is waiting and ready to bless them.  It is true that God’s Love draws people to Jesus, but you can resist this love by the choices you make, as you engage your will against God.

A person who has not been a servant, cannot be a good leader.  Jesus was under His Father’s authority and thus qualified as the Savior and Captain of our souls.  The knowledge of the Father and the Son is eternal life and it is more than theoretical knowledge of God.  It is not a mental assent that Jesus is the Christ.  It is the practical and experiential knowledge of the Father and the Son and this knowledge governs our lives.  A person may attend Church service for many years and may not really know God.  If the light of God’s knowledge is to touch man’s heart, his spirit must be exposed to God’s Light and Word.  In dreams, God bypasses the physical and corrupted mind of man and goes straight for the heart or the spirit, communicating face to face and heart to heart.

Fear, pain, past experiences, distrust and unforgiveness keep us from exposing our spirits to God’s drawing Love.  Obedience glorifies God and rebellion brings shame and disgrace.  Jesus said. “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.”  Do you want to glorify God?  Would you like to honor and bring joy to His heart?  Then obey His word and do His will.  Jesus saw the finished work, even though He had not died on the cross yet. As far as He was concerned, He has died on the cross.  He was already there spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  All that remained was the physical, where His body would be nailed to the cross.  He said, “I have brought you glory, I have obeyed your word, I have done your will and I have completed the assignment you gave Me.” It is done! Neither God nor man is blessed in rebellion.

The key phrases in this passage of the scripture are: Eternal Life, Knowing God and Christ, The Only True God, Jesus Christ and Whom you have sent.  Whenever a person obeys God and does His will, God is honored and glorified.  But whenever we disobey His word and will, He is dishonored and de-glorified.  Obedience glorifies God, while rebellion brings shame and disgrace.  No body is blessed in rebellion.  All who live to disobey the will of God here on earth will wake up one day to experience the wrath and anger of God.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

There is always a giant in every body’s life and until you have conquered your fears and giants and have completed the task before you in the realm of the spirit, you can never succeed in the physical realm.  Jesus completed the task of giving His life on the cross in the realm of the spirit.  No wonder He could say, “I have brought you glory on the earth by completing the work you gave me to do.”  What is applicable in the execution of the will of God is also applicable in our day to day choices and decision making as God’s children.  You must win your battle first in the realm of the spirit before you can win it in the natural or physical realm… your marriage, finances, bad habits, bad attitudes, changes in your children’s lives etc.

Those who conquer first in the realm of the spirit have really conquered, but those who conquer only in the physical realm will have the history repeated over and over again. When you have travailed and prevailed in the spiritual realm, the urge or fear to quit and run will not face you, when you meet your giant face to face.  Jesus’ giant was the cross and He defeated it because the battle was already won in the spiritual realm through prayers and intercession.

Every obedient child can ask the Father to honor him or her, because their meat and drink have been the will of their Father.  It is not irreverence to ask God to honor you, if your life has constantly honored Him.  And He will honor you both in His presence and before those who hate you.  He will set a table before you in the presence of your enemies.

In Jesus’ case, He had double honor.  First as a Man who had taken very seriously the will of His Father and finished it.  And secondly, as One who had always existed and full of glory, even before the foundation of the world and man were created.  God will grant Jesus the request for glory, not only because He was an obedient Son, but also because He had always had glory before His incarnation.  It was His through obedience and divinity.

God will always honor those who honor him and dishonor those who show no regard nor consideration for His will and word, in terms of obedience. The sky is the limit for those who have spiritual voracious appetites for the will and word of God in their lives.  God will honor and elevate them above their fellows.  They will be lifted closer to the heart of God, the Father, just like His first Son, Jesus Christ.