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I Cor. 14:13-15

The strongest entity in the universe is the WORD.  The Word created everything, visible and invisible and the Word was God. (Jn.1:1) You too can frame your world by your word.  In the realm of the Spirit, the Word is the most powerful entity, even so amongst men, your word is also the most powerful tool that you have ever possessed. It even becomes much more powerful if your word is propelled, controlled and directed by the Holy Spirit.  Your word will always strike the target if it is prompted by the Spirit of God. This is where your prayer language becomes a powerhouse, because the Spirit of God is giving you utterance.  You are speaking mysteries and divine secrets.  These are secrets about your life, families, relatives, friends, leaders and others.

In Genesis.1:1-5, the Word of God framed the world and Hebrews.11:3 confirmed this awesome power of the tongue.  The author of Proverbs said that, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.(Prov.18:21)  Your words will either make friends or enemies for you and will unlock the riches of heaven or the pit of darkness unto you depending on their contents.

When the spirit of a man is in tune with the Spirit of God and the former begins to exercise his prayer language, heaven will always stand up in total attention, because God knows what is in the mind of the Spirit.(Roms.8:22-27)  Man and the Holy Spirit become awesome duo through the power of a prayer language that heaven respects and honors.

In ICor.14:10, the author said that every sound on earth has meaning and significance.  Prayer language therefore is not gibberish to the mind of God, the Father.  It is divine secret!   In the operation and exercise of our prayer language, the word of God speaks of different kinds of tongues.  We have the tongues of men and angels.(ICor.13:1)  Jesus Christ spoke about New Tongues that would be given to His disciples. (Mark.16:17b)  The letters of Paul to the Corinthians spoke of unknown tongues. (ICor.14:2, 4, 13-15 & 27-28 KJV)  During the birth of the church, the Apostles and the disciples spoke in other tongues. (Acts.2:4)  In ICor.12:10, Paul enumerated the gifts of the Spirit and listed divers kinds of tongues as number eight gift before the interpretation of tongues.  The Holy Spirit also uses tongues through believers as expressions of praise, worship and adoration.   Acts.2 :11 said, “Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them speak in tongues, God’s mighty deeds.

The word of God said in ICor.14:14-15,  “If I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful.  What is it then?  I will pray with my spirit and I will pray with the understanding also.  I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.  Even in nature regarding understandable words, there is a time in which you can  circumvent your mind and focus directly on your spirit.  You mind can be disconnected from your spirit and thus the words that come from your mouth will be straight out of your innermost being.  If this is possible in the natural, then it is absolutely possible in the realm of the Spirit.  Paul is saying here that your spirit bypasses your mind when you begin to use your prayer language and your mind becomes unfruitful.  Your mind does not comprehend what you are saying, because the words are for God and not for yourself.  You are not praying to yourself, but to God and in the Spirit, you are speaking divine mysteries.

Every human being whose spirit has been made alive by the Holy Ghost, through new birth in Christ has the ability to pray both in the Spirit and with the understanding.  This is also true of singing.    You can sing with your spirit as well as with your understanding. (ICor.14:14-15)  God and the Holy Spirit do not speak in tongues and neither do they use prayer language.  That is our responsibility.  You are the one who does the speaking, but the Spirit of God primes your pump.  You have to open the faucet and that means your mouth, by the direct  activation of your will in obedience to the Word of God.

In Roms.8:22-27, the scriptures said that the creation is groaning and in pain.(v.22)  That humanity too is groaning in support of creation. (v.23)  And that the Holy Spirit Himself is groaning in support of humanity as He makes intercession for the saints with unutterable sounds, understood only by God. (v.26)  God is very much into the restoration of all things: the earth, man and all that is them.  By the Law of First Mentioned, words created our world and today God is restoring the church through the language of the Spirit so that we can see clearly and not dimly.

When a believer begins to pray in the Spirit, he connects with God immediately and the Holy Spirit assumes the driver’s seat.  He fabricates and creates the right words necessary to bring a change for the better.  His words through the lips of the believers have creative powers and do make things happen.  No wonder the Apostle, Paul said in ICor.14:39; “Forbid not to speak (use your prayer language) in tongues.  And again he said, “I thank my God that I speak in tongues more than everyone of you. (v.18)  I believe that Paul spoke more than 10,000 words using his prayer language whenever he was alone with God. (ICor.14:19)

Your prayer language is like the booster cable that releases and charges the nine gifts of the Spirit and others.  It gets them ready for expression and manifestation.  It is like the small volume of water that primes the pump so that there could be a gushing out of water from the well.  Jesus said that Rivers of Living Waters will flow out of your belly.  The use of prayer language takes an individual closer to the place where his tongue can be tamed.  James said that the human tongue is an unruly entity and beyond taming and full of deadly poisons. (Jms.3:5-8)   If you want your tongue to be tamed, you must yield it to the Holy Spirit and begin to exercise it in  Prayer Language.

The church of God is full of people who have exempted themselves from the Gift of the Bridegroom  to the Bride.  The Church is Christ’s wife and the Engagement Ring from Christ to the Church is the HOLY SPIRIT.  If you will just obey God and receive Jesus’ wedding Gift, He will quicken your spirit and prompt you to open your mouth (faucet) so that Rivers of Living Water can flow from your innermost being.(Jn.7:37-39)

Receiving the Holy Spirit is like ABC or drinking Water.  It is simple and straight forward.  God said; “Every one who asks receives.”  He will not give you an evil spirit if you ask for the Holy Spirit. (Matt.7:8 and Luke.11:13)  There is always a vocal response when the Holy Spirit descends upon mortal flesh and filling up their beings.  This concept runs through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  The following scriptures are vocal responses at the entrance of the Spirit into a human spirit.  Num.11:21-23, 22:22-35; IIChro.20:14-15; ISam.10:6 & 10, 19:21-23; Acts.2:1-11, 10:44-46, 19:1-6 and Luke.1:67 to mention a few.

Confess any known sin to God.  Confess the sin of the mind (thoughts), of the mouth (words) and of the flesh. (perversion, deeds and actions)  Make God a promise to be true, honest and faithful to His word. STOP stealing from God by withholding your tithes and consecrate yourself to be holy. Receive the Holy Spirit and speak out the Words He is giving you in your spirit’s mind.  The faucet is your mouth and no one will speak for you if you do not want to speak.  You do the speaking and not God, as you connect with what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing inside you.

You need your prayer language and God is willing to release it to you for the effectiveness of your prayer life.  Each time you pray using your prayer language for a period of time, you move the hands of heaven who move the people, events and things that are directly connected to your life which you may never know.  You can pray in the spirit for 10, 15, 30, 60 or more minutes every day of your life.  As you do this, you also boost yourself up spiritually and open up your being to step up into the dimension, domain  and the world of the Holy Spirit.  You will be touching people, places, events and things that you cannot begin to imagine or touch by praying with English language or your mother tongue.  You could be praying for people and events that are 100 years away and touching their society for the glory of God.  You can also reach places that are thousands of miles away when you begin to pray, using your prayer language. You may find yourself in China, Timbuktu, Kualalumpor or the islands of the seas.

Jesus calls you to come and drink because receiving the Holy Spirit is like drinking water. (Jn.7:37-39)  The word of God also said that the Gift of the Holy Spirit is specifically for you, your children, grand children and all of humanity far and near who are being called by the Lord.  So please do not talk yourself out of this gift nor consider yourself unqualified, because your position in Christ has qualified you.  In fact, Jesus has qualified you by His Blood, death and resurrection.  Please accept God’s gift and the offer of His blessing.   Open up your being to God and let fear go out of it.  No parents on earth give their children stones, snake and scorpion if they ask for bread, egg and fish.  Even so, the Lord will not give you demons if you ask for the Holy Spirit.(Luke.11:13)  On the day of Pentecost in Acts.2:1-11, God gave the Holy Spirit and ever since He has been around and all you need to do now is to receive Him. Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? (Acts.19:2)

The weapons of Satan are lies, fears, inferiority complex, rejection, unbelief and ignorance.  The number one tool on the devil’s list is “lies” and this started way back in the Garden of Eden.  The enemy falsifies the truth and tries to feed your mind with this garbage.  His line always goes like this; “Everybody cannot receive the Holy Spirit.  You are not one of those who should receive.  God does not really care that much about you.  You do not need the Holy Spirit and tongues to be a Christian.  You will lose all your friends and be alone if you have a prayer language.  Tongues are not really from God.”  These are all lies from the enemy to exclude you from the Gift of Christ to you as His Bride.  Do not listen to the devil!

The devil’s tricks have not changed at all and we need to go back to our first parents, Adam and Eve and borrow a leaf from them.   Satan deceived them and that dramatically changed the story of humanity and the state of our world today.  Please do not listen to his lies.  If you do, they will work against you just as they worked against Adam and Eve.   You cannot and will never win if you listen to Satan’s voice against the word of God and make him your guide and counselor.

When it comes to receiving your engagement Ring (that is the Holy Spirit) from the Bridegroom, you do not really need a minister.    Go into your prayer closet or room.  Close the door behind you and talk to Jesus Christ, the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit.

The followings are some of the things you must do to be connected to the world of the Spirit and receive your prayer language: a) Confess known sins to God.  Do not look for unknown ones.  Promise God to remain faithful as you turn your back to these sins. b) Thank God for giving you the Holy Spirit and place yourself in the receiving zone.  c) Receive the Holy Ghost by faith and drink according to the command of the Lord.  d) Open your faucet and speak out the prompting of the Spirit in your heart.  e) Keep on speaking and do not stop even though you do not understand what you are saying.  You may find yourself speaking few words and that is alright.  You have started and you need to continue and your spiritual vocabulary will grow.  Acts.2:4 said; “They began to speak…”  You have begun and just like the Apostles, you must continue and exercise your prayer language. The promise is for you, your children, grand children and all of humanity who are called in Christ.

Use your prayer language specifically for prayers and let it be 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 60 minutes or more and allow yourself to step into the realm or sphere of the Holy Spirit.   You will never regret it.  Never!!!  As you use your prayer language, your prayers will go beyond you to people, places and nations of the world far beyond your thoughts and imagination.  At the new birth, you are connected with the Holy Spirit and the skies are the limit to the effectiveness of your prayer language.  Please get into the Spirit’s Zone and begin to pray in the Spirit.