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 Worry is an enemy of man and it is an invasion of Satan to steal the faith and peace of God within the believer’s heart.  It is a sin to yield or give in to worry, because worry is a direct effrontery to God, denying His sufficiency and power over our needs and His ability to come through for us. The enemy cannot sell you worry, if you are not interested, but it is your cooperation with him that makes worry a sin.  Anyone can be tempted with worry and as long as he does not yield to its demand, victory over it is guaranteed.

Worry is both a cardinal sin, as well as a killer disease, sent from the very dark soul of Satan, man’s arch enemy.  It strikes directly at the relationship of dependence and love between God and man.  Anxiety is a human attempt (instigated by the devil) to regain his independence from God, in order to manage and determine  ones directions in life.  When the sin of worry is committed, it neutralizes all the spiritual anti-bodies and renders the victims defenseless to spiritual attacks.

Of all the diseases and infirmities that can kill humans, worry activates the dying process and hastens the arrival of death.  When a person is sick or has a need and he allows worry to gain entrance into his life, it becomes a double whammy and the coffin will be opened to receive the corpse of the victim.  Worry is neither a friend of God or man.  It is an enemy and comes in many disguises claiming to be an angel of light.

Worry is an explicit declaration by a believer that God is incapable of helping, therefore, we are going to find help either from Satan indirectly, self or from another human being, but never from God.  There are only two directions or placements for faith spiritually speaking.  Your faith can be in God or in the enemy.  When we think we are trusting ourselves, we are really trusting in Satan, because there is no neutral ground.  Faith becomes worry when it is either in self or the devil and it is always very strong and powerful.  God is bigger than whatever wants to cause us to worry, however huge the enemy may present the problem.  The power of anxiety always neutralizes the God kind of faith and will always produce spiritual paralysis.

Worry lodged away in the heart of a man represents a direct insult to God and a slap on His face, because worry is absolutely powerless to change our condition for the better.  A worrier has rejected God as God and has turned to the created as his rescuer and savior.  Everyone who buys into Satan’s philosophy of worry or anxiety has no part in the Kingdom of God and of His Christ. God hates worry, therefore, all believers must show the same attitude towards it.  Like Father, like son!

In Luke.12:22-34, Jesus shows humanity the futility of worry locked away in the heart of  man.  He commands us not to worry and takes a strong stand against it.  He said, “Do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear.  Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.”  Jesus gives us the divine commentary on the nature and implications of worry.

In dealing with the sin and disease of worry, Jesus begins by saying that, if you have to choose between your life and what you eat, life must come before food.  Your life is more important than the food you eat.  If there is no life, there will not be any need for food.  The pre-occupation in worry has to do with anxiety over the means of sustaining life, instead of life itself.  Food is not the only substance that can sustain the human life and we must not be preoccupied with it.  Jesus said, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”  We ought to concentrate on life and not the partial means that sustain it.  When we concentrate on life, we focus on God, because God is Life.  Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”  When we have needs and focus on our needs, instead of God, we move into the zone of anxiety and the process will release death.  We ought to concentrate on God in times of needs and He is able to provide for us.  He is still our Jehovah Jireh. Whenever we ignore God for food, we commit adultery and fall into sin.  No adulterer will enter into the Kingdom of God.

he Lord also said that the body is superior to the clothes we wear on it.  Our focus must not be on what we will wear, but on our body and how it lives in honor to God.   It is true that the clothes cover the body, but the latter can live without the former.  However, the body houses the spirit, which is life and there can never be a body without life.  We call this death, whenever it occurs.  When we focus on the body, because of the life it contains, we are focusing on life and God is Life.   God will make sure that your body is clothed.  Wearing of clothes is given to us by God to cover our shame and nakedness, therefore, the servant cannot be the Magistrate.  The essence of living is not dressing.  Life is the content of the body and it is greater than clothes and garments.

Jesus illustrates the above point using the ravens and the lilies of the field as object lessons, as well as visual aids.  He looks up and points to the ravens flying.  He asks His audience to consider them…take a long and hard look at the ravens flying over your head.  They are not farmers who are into sowing and reaping. They have no storage or banks where their supplies are deposited, yet they have always had three square meals every day.  God feeds them!  If God cares for the ravens, how much more valuable are you than birds?  Can you increase your height from 5.11 to 6.00 by worrying?  If you know that you cannot do this very little thing, why then do you worry about the rest?

Solomon was one of the greatest kings in Israel and the surrounding Nations.  His wealth and power were second to none.  The Lord said that the beauty of the lilies surpassed Solomon’s splendor in the wearing of apparels. The lilies do not labor or spin, yet not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of them.  Jesus said, “If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, how much more will He clothe you, O you of little faith!”

Those who have come to know God through the power of the Gospel, must not set their hearts on what they will eat or drink. They must not allow anxiety to rule their lives.  The pagan world majors on anxieties and is preoccupied with what they will eat and wear as well as what kind of shelter they will have. God knows that His children need food, clothes and shelter and He is more than willing to make these provisions available to them.  He made them a promise and said, “The righteous will not be forsaken and his seeds will not beg for bread.”  God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. The silver and gold as well as the content of the whole earth are His, according to Psalm.24:1-3.  He is El-Elyon, the Possessor of heaven and and earth.  However, God’s people are doing the last things first and the first things last.  They have placed the cart before the horse and have been stagnant, immobile and disoriented. They have placed feelings above the word of God.  Therefore, their faith is run by the emotion of worry, fueled by the power of fear.  When the emotions of worry run our lives, we become crippled spiritually and our prayers bounce off the wall and come back to us.  They cannot be answered!

Whenever God’s people do the first things first, God responds to their needs.  So the Lord Jesus said, “Seek you first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well…food, drinks, clothes, shelter, health and all that makes life worth living for.  Worry changes a believer from the child of God to a pagan and an idol worshipper.  Whenever a Christian worries, he reduces himself to the level of a pagan and diminishes the grace of God in his life to meet his needs.  If a believer steals, commits adultery, cheats or tells a lie, we are alarmed in a negative way, but when the same person worries, we accommodate him.  The sin of worry is as grievous as the sin of sexual immorality.  When God said, “Do not worry,” He has a reason for this command.  Worry is fueled by fear and the devil is the force behind fear, because fear is a spirit.  Worry is not a natural exercise that humans practice.  It is a spiritual entity and its goal is to destroy our relationship with God.

What is the cure for worry?  Jesus gave us the answer in verse number 31.  God is both the cure and solution to worry.  If you have God, you cannot have worry and if you have worry, you cannot have God.  It is like oil and water or light and darkness.  They do not mix!  Believe and accept the word of God.  Use it to defeat the spirit of worry, sent from the very dark soul of Satan himself.  In the wilderness, Jesus used the word of God to defeat the spirit of worry.  He fought worries and the spiritual attacks from Satan by the power of the spoken word. He confronted Satan with the Scriptures and defeated him. When worries come knocking at your door, confront him with the power of the spoken word.  Use the following scriptures and others to defeat the spirit of fear, which is the seed of worry.  (Ephesians.6:10-18, Luke.10:19, IJohn.4:4, IJohn.5:18b, IITim.1:7, Galatians.2:20 etc)

In conclusion, remember that worry is your enemy and it is an invasion of Satan to steal the faith and peace of God in your heart.  It is a sin to yield or give in to worry, because worry is a direct effrontery to God, denying His sufficiency and power, over our needs and His ability to come through for us.  The enemy cannot sell you worry, if you are not interested and your cooperation with him makes worry a sin. Any one can be tempted with worry and as long as he does not yield to its demand, victory is always sure.  Also remember what Jesus said to you about worry as it relates to your physical needs.  God feeds the ravens and clothes the lilies of the field.  Therefore, He can take care of you and meet all your needs, if you do first things first.  Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, instead of worry, food, drinks, clothes and other basic necessities will be given to you.  God gave you this promise and He has the power to make it good.  Trust Him with all of your heart and make no room for worries in any form or shape.  The one who feeds the ravens and clothes the lilies, will surely feed and clothe you!  Believe it!  It is true!