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Framing Your World With Your Mouth

The Organs You need To Survive In Life

 The heart, mind and mouth are three organs that humanity needs to survive in all intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and material worlds. Your mouth speaks for all the members of your body, including the heart and the mind. Your mind is the architect of all the thoughts that are innate in you and caused by the things you perceive, feel, see and hear. You process all these thoughts in your mind, whether negative or positive and the heart is the factory where all thoughts originate from, in conjunction with the mind. Thoughts become things and they are the products of the three organs enumerated above. You will not survive in this world without them.

God, the Creator of humanity understood this and He said, “The Just shall live by faith”. (Roms.1:17b) If you live by faith, you will live in accordance with the Mind that formed all things, whether visible or invisible. But when you live otherwise, you will introduce a human element into the equation and that makes it dangerous and unstable, however famous, rich or popular you may be.What is “Faith”? (Hebs.11:1) The same God who made us, has defined faith for us and stated that, “It is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”. Faith is the title deed of things that have not entered into human consciousness. So, you either live by faith or you live by your own standards that you have created for yourself. Faith has substance, reality, tangibility, concreteness and title deed with an overwhelming favor from the Lord, that what you desire in your heart, that you deeply believe and pronounce through your mouth, will be yours, come high or low waters. It is the Law of God. It is the Law of faith and not attraction. We should give credit to whom credit is due and in this case, the Creator, God. We are guilty of plagiarism, if we act otherwise and give credit to ourselves or someone else, because of our ingenuity as we say.

A thief, a promiscuous person, a wicked person, an angry or short tempered person, a wife or husband beater or abuser, an unfaithful person, either in business or relationship, one who cheats, a lying person or politician, a murderer, either for money or other causes, a drunkard, an armed robber, a dying person, of sickness or other causes, a saint, a sinner, a lawyer, an engineer, a teacher, a laborer, a council member, a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandpa, grandma, a head hunter, who eats human flesh or any other being we may think of. The bottom line is: we all have one thing in common. We all have hearts, mouths and minds. We are all human beings without an exception and the Lord God made us that way.

The word “religion” is coined or formulated by humans in order to scare us from experiencing deep and lasting relationship with God. Any one can live by faith including a politician, scientist, lawyer and those who work in dangerous professions and situations. God is not the Author of religion, but relationship and we can all have relationship with our Creator. It is folly to call it religion or religious experience. The way of faith is the way of Truth and Life and Jesus lived that way. Jesus Christ lived by faith in accordance with the will of His Father and His Heart, Mind and Mouth were in sync. They never contradicted one another.

The Scripture that enumerated the Heroes of Faith is Hebrews 11:1-40. It has a wealth of the knowledge and marvelous things of the Lord. Romans.1:17 gave the people of God how we are to live our lives and it stated that “In the Gospel, the righteousness of God is revealed from faith unto faith”. God has given us the mandate and said, “the just or righteous man (woman) shall live by faith”. If you live by faith, you live, but if you live by your human intelligence, you die, because there is no Gospel in the intelligence of mankind. If we live by faith, we can frame our world by the word we speak, even as the Lord God Almighty, framed the world by His Word. If we plan to frame our world by the word that comes forth from our mouth, we must do the things that are spoken of in Phil.4:4-8. It is absolutely imperative that one who plans to order his or her steps in keeping with the Lord, must guard his heart and mind, so that the mouth can speak accordingly and correspondingly.

The Scriptures begin by saying, “Rejoice in the Lord always: again I say, rejoice and let your equanimity, forbearance or moderation be known unto all men, because the Lord’s coming is very near”. (vv.4-5) Is it possible to rejoice always in the Lord? Yes! The sea could be raging, but at the bottom of the deep, is calm and quite. That is how our joy is with the Lord. Jesus Christ is the Equilibrium of our lives and joy and we are anchored in Him. Then it said, “Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let the desires of your heart be made known unto God. Then, the Peace of God that passes all understanding shall keep your Hearts and Minds through Jesus Christ”. This is how the Law of Faith works and it is from the heart and mind through the mouth. There is nothing on earth that you cannot present to God in prayer and by supplication with thanksgiving, however small or great it may look. You need not worry and fret yourself about the things in life that you do not have control over. (Psm.37:1, 7-8)

All you have to do is bring those things to God in prayer and then, carry on without care or anxiety. A thankful man is a happy man and he will go places and receive of the Lord God. God said that He would make sure that a garrison of soldiers would stand guard around your heart and mind, to keep the enemy out. When this happen, you can begin to speak the way God wants you to speak. You will speak (v.8) the things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report. There will be virtue in the things that come out of your mouth and there will be praise in them. These are the things you ought to think on. The Word says, “Think on these things”.