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God by His Spirit

(Excerpts from God’s Nuggets of Truth)

Joel 2:28-32 & Acts 2:16-21

Understanding the local dialect of any people’s group is very crucial to anything that you want to do in the land. You must know how they communicate, the nuances of the language, the tones, accents, the grave and the eleve accents are very important to know how the people communicate and relate to one another.

You must immerse yourself into the culture if you want to speak, know and understand the communication. Failure to consider these things will lead to an unproductive life amongst the people you want to help in bringing them to the 21 century.

God made both the physical and the spiritual worlds and He speaks a particular language when it comes to understanding His ways, thoughts and acts. If you show little interest in them, you will never go far in God because you have refused to dive into His world. You will live a life of mediocre and unfulfilled events in the realms of the spirit of God.

Visions and dreams are so necessary in the way of the spirit and they are the magnum chatter of God as far as humanity is concerned. Over 75% of Christendom does not share these experiences in God when it comes to visions and dreams and they are the heartbeat of the living God.

How can God ever commit to your care and trust, if you don’t speak the same language and your interests are very opposed to His. Bringing your world into His world will bring all kinds of changes into your life and it will be so rewarding and fulfilling here and hereafter.

We see how visions and dreams were used by God from Adam and Eve to Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and the 12 Patriarchs with Moses who was their leader. God constantly appeared unto them in dreams and visions sharing with them His plans through imagery, visualization, pictures, impressions and these visions and dreams were burnt into their minds and spirits.

When we come to the New Testament and the advent of Christ, the language of the spirit of God continued from Christ to the different saints: Peter, John, James, Matthew, Phillip, Bartholomew with the rest of the Apostles and the saints of our Lord Jesus Christ. The word said, “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spoke in times past unto our fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things and by whom also He has made the world.” (Hebs.1:1-2)

Today, the evangelicals have to really think who it is that they are serving? What is the language of this God and how He wants His saints to understand Him? In the vision that God gave to the prophet Elijah, there were noises, fire and earthquake, but the Lord was not in them all. He was in the still small voice in the heart of Elijah where God communicated with the prophet regarding His plans.

As it was then, there will be explosion of people, sensational experiences, smoke, fire, lightning and thunder, but you will not find the living God there. He will be found in the midst of your heart and the quietness of your spirit: a still small voice in the vision of the Lord where all things will be cleared. God was communicating to His part in man and that was not physical. It was that part of Him that He breathed into Adam.

We see Adam speaking to God and having a conversation with Him every day at the time when there was no sin to cloud his spirit or come between them. Then we see Seth calling upon the name of the Lord. Enoch who saw the likeness of God and he was taken to heaven because his ways met the ways of the Lord His God. This was also more than a vision in which the temporal man and eternal spirit of God were received from the earth into heaven.

We see Methuselah and Lamech before Noah came upon the stage of life and saw visions and had dreams of the revelations of God in a completed Ark which saved his life and seven others that were with him amidst a world of water that destroyed the entire population of the world leaving 8 souls to start afresh and populate the earth.

We see Shem who was alive in the days of Abraham which many considered as Melchisedec who had no parents or earthly genealogy because of his age and living past 700 years. Then we see Abraham himself who saw God and made food for Him and His entourage going on to Sodom and Gomorrah for total annihilation. God gave him a vision where he saw into 400 years of misery and pain before the Lord God delivered His people after the death of Abraham the friend of God. God gave him a vision of fire coming out of heaven and devoured the pieces of sacrifice on the stone alter in which a covenant was made between God and Abraham was a vivid example of the language of God.

Isaac and Jacob saw visions and had dreams given to them by God in which they saw their future: of bad and good things to come. And then Joseph the father of dreams and visions who came from the loins of Jacob his father who was himself a dreamer and visionary. He too saw the picture of things to come and they were very clear. He gave instructions that his bones and remains must not stay in Egypt, but to the Promised Land God has shown him.

He saw visions and had dreams of shelves of wheat in bundles representing his father and mother and eleven representing his brothers who later sold him into a foreign land. There in Egypt, he had dreams of Pharaoh in which the butler and the baker were handed down with sentences of death and of life.

The Bible is full of people to whom God gave several visions and dreams that wrought wonders, signs and miracles in God on behalf of mankind. A look at the heroes of faith will give you an excellent company that the saints of God belong to. We have Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Joshua, Rahab and a host of others prophets, men and women who understood God’s language and were used therein.

Visions and dreams are the arena of pictures, imageries, impressions, sights and visualizations where God shows His servants what is happening and what must happen sooner or later. If we continue in our journey to the New Testament we see Jesus Christ, the One who knew and understood the language of the spirit of God. He saw heaven, Nathaniel under the sycamor tree, heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon Him. He saw the graves opened and many bodies of the saints came out after His resurrection. He saw the whole world of 7 billion plus people moving around on the planet without shepherds to serve them.

What we I tell you about Peter, who received a message in a vision of the coming in of the Gentiles into the Family of God and of John who wrote the book of Revelation? He saw a vision with his inner eyes on the Island of Patmos in which the entire Book of Revelation was given to him. What about Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, who experienced much suffering in the hands of sinners and religious men and saw into the third heavens what was not permitted to be repeated to mortal ears? The OT prophet, their wives and children as to what they saw in visions and dreams that shaped the world in which will all live in.

What will I say about Ezekiel’s vision of wheels within the wheels, of holes in the walls and of pain and sufferings as he laid down for many days in his right and left sides by the instructions of the Lord? What about Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? The word of God is full of the visions and dreams which God gave to His people concerning His Kingdom and how it would affect the world. This is just the introduction and we will not get into the specifics now.