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(Heb.9:11-12 & Jn.20:17)

At every Easter, we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and totally forget that there is a second resurrection and it is the resurrection of His Blood.

Listen to the following scriptures.  They present to you indisputable facts and truth about the necessity for the resurrection of Christ’s blood at Easter.  For such a high priest became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens; who does not need daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sins, and then for the people’s: for this He did once, when He offered up Himself.  A minister of the sanctuary, and of the true Tabernacle, which the Lord pitched and not man.   For every high priest is ordained to offer gifts and sacrifices: wherefore it is of necessity that this man has somewhat also to offer.  Now when these things were thus ordained, the priests went always into the first Tabernacle, accomplishing the service of God.

However, into the second went the high priest alone once every year, not without blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people.  But Christ being come a High Priest of better things to come, by a greater and more perfect Tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say not of this world; neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by His own blood he entered in once into the Holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us. (Heb.7:26-28, 8:2-6, 9:1-26 and 10:7-23)  We cannot argue with the truth.  Periscoping John.20:17, and the above scriptures in Hebrews, we know without any shadow of doubt that the blood of Jesus was needed in the Temple of God in Heaven. (Heb.8:2 and 9:11/24)  If the blood of Jesus has to appear in Heaven, at the Most Holy Place, then it must first be retrieved and resurrected.  No resurrection of the blood, no atonement and no atonement, no forgiveness of sins. (Heb.9:22)

This is how the resurrection of the blood was set from Jn.20:17.   Immediately after the bodily resurrection of the Lord, Mary was at the tomb.  At this time, the mission of Jesus from Heaven to earth has not reached its climax.  The climax was His appearance at the Mercy Seat of God in Heaven, with His own blood.  This place is called the Holy of Holies and only the High Priest can enter this special sanctuary.  At the time Mary was granted the revelation of the risen Lord, Jesus was getting ready to go there and Mary interrupted Him.  For the Lord to appear in the Most Holy Place, He must go in with His own blood to secure eternal salvation for us all.   The Lord said to Mary, “Stop holding on to Me, I have not yet ascended to My Father: but go to My brothers and say to them, I ascend to My Father and your Father; to My God and your God.”

Jesus’ earthly mission was completed when He took His blood into the Most Holy Place in Heaven and gave an account of His mission to the One who sent Him.  Jesus then returned and stayed for 40 days before He  finally went back to where He originally came from. (Acts.1:9-12)  The Book of Hebrews chapters 7-12  has the detailed accounts of Jesus’ High Priestly Ministry.  Read them for a greater understanding of the resurrection of the Blood.

It is about time that the church began to talk about the resurrection of His Blood at Easter Season.  His bodily resurrection will be meaningless and ineffective if He has no Blood to take to heaven into God’s Mercy Seat  and the Most Holy Place in all of the universe and creation.  Here, with His blood, He atones for our sins as our One and Only Priest.  The blood He takes to heaven must be His own blood and not the blood of bulls, goats and rams.  His blood was spilled on earth, therefore it must be retrieved and resurrected from every man, woman, place or thing that received it, from the knuckles of the Sanhedrin’s guards to the whips, spear, the robe and the grounds of Jerusalem and Golgotha.  The blood must be resurrected and taken to heaven.

It was not enough for the blood to be shed according to Leviticus 16, but it must be collected and gathered in a special container en route to the Mercy Seat, where the glory of God resides permanently.  Here atonement and the forgiveness of our sins are enacted and completed.  Where did you think Jesus got His blood from?  Did you think that God just snapped His finger and the blood came from everywhere and filled the container in Jesus’ hands?  No, this blood came from all the places, things and people who struck Him and drew His blood in His earthly Ministry.  The Holy Spirit retrieved every blood drop from all the places, things and people who made violent contact with it.

Jesus’ blood has the power of an indestructible life and human blood does not just dries up and dies, because life is in the blood.  The life contained in His blood has the power of an endless life.  The voice of this Blood cried out on man’s behalf for forgiveness, mercy, peace, salvation, compassion and grace, unlike Abel’s blood that cried out for vengeance and judgment. (Heb.12:24)  The life in His blood was throbbing spiritually and the Holy Spirit saw every location of it amongst men, places and things.  He retrieved them all and presented it to Jesus en route to the Mercy Seat of God, in the real Tabernacle in heaven.

The blood is the container of life and life is directly related to oxygen in our bodies.  Life is invisible and colourless like air.  Only the Creator of Life can see life.  The physical existence can go for days  without water and weeks without food, but not a minute without air: oxygen.  God categorically forbids man to drink or eat blood, because it contains the genes of life and it is a gift from Him to us.  Life and oxygen are like the two sides of a coin and where you find one, the other will be there. Those who eat rare or medium rare steak with blood in it are fanning the flames of the anger of God. You are an offence to Him.

Blood has always been before the creation of man and the devil does not fully understand the mystery of blood.  If he did, he would not have allowed Jesus to be crucified.  The western world has no blood in their history and heritage and that is why the majority of them stumble at the cross and the flowing fountain of the blood of Jesus Christ.  God Himself shed the first blood in the world for the sake of mankind and His love for humanity in the Garden of Eden.  He shed the blood of an animal to cover the sin of Adam and Eve.  The skin of the animal was used as raiment to cover their physical nakedness.  Blood must be shed in order to take care of sin.  When blood is shed, life is also given as a substitute for the sinner’s life in the presence of an awesome and Holy God.  The life is in the blood and the substitute dies in the place of the soul that sins.  Blood contains life and it has the ability to cry out for justice, in wrongful death.  Cain shed Abel’s blood and the life in his blood cried out to the Lord of Hosts for help. (Gen.4:10)  This was the second time blood was shed on earth and it was done for envy and jealousy.

Deliverance must come to the Israelites in Egypt under the tyranny of Pharaoh, the evil king who knew no Joseph.  God must bring salvation according to His promise given to Abraham.  However, the Jews must bring a substitute for their sins, if God must deliver them.  He cannot pass over them without substitutes for their lives.  The life in the blood of lambs as substitutes would atone for their sins and the Good Lord would pass over them to destroy the first-born of man and beast belonging to the Egyptians. (Exo.12:5-7, 21-23)  On Calvary, Jesus shed His blood and the Life in His blood atoned for our sins, as our substitute.

Blood is used to consecrate God’s people.  Life is in the blood and this life sets them apart for the Lord.  Then, it was the blood of bulls and goats. (Lev.8:23-24)  Blood is used to purify and sanctify the Temple of God  because of the sins of the people who have desecrated it.  It must be cleansed by life and life is in the blood. (Lev.16:14-16, 20-22 &  17:10-15)

The Life of the flesh is in the blood and God has not given humanity the freedom and liberty to eat it.  He who eats cooked blood or drinks fresh one is an abomination to the Lord and must be cut off from among the living.  How rare or red is your steak?  Beware of eating blood!   The blood of animals then was for the atonement of man’s soul, until the perfect blood of Jesus Christ was shed for mankind.  This is what John.3:16 is all about: forgiveness, salvation, redemption, safety, peace, healing, blessing and prosperity.


  • When He was physically abused and whipped by the soldiers. (Matt.27:27-31 and Mark.15:15-19)
  • When He was scourged by king Herod’s order. (Luke.23:11-12)
  • When He was scourged by Governor Pilate’s order and given 39 lashes of whips on His bare back. (Matt.27:26, Jn.19:1)
  • When He was buffeted and beaten by the guards of the Sanhedrin. (Matt.26:47-50, Jn.18:12-14)
  • When a crown of thorns was forced into His head. (Matt.27:29-30, Mark.15:16-20, Jn.19:1-7)
  • When the Sanhedrin hit Him several times on the face. (Mark.14:65)
  • When He carried His cross upon His torn and broken body. (Jn.19:17, Mk.15:21)
  • When He was nailed to the wooden cross by the soldiers. (Luke.23:33)
  • When He was speared by a soldier who threw a  javelin into his side near the heart. (Jn.19:34)


  • His own seamless robe put on Him after He was scourged; the whips of the Roman soldiers who scourged Him.
  • The streets of Jerusalem which received His blood, from Pilate’s court to Golgotha, the place of the skull and also to and from Herod’s Palace.
  • The wooden cross and the nails that were driven into his flesh, the crown of thorns that was forced upon His head.
  • The royal purple robe they put on Him before His mockery;  the spear and the hands of the soldier who pierced His side.
  • The reed that smote His head with the crown of thorns on it;  the clenched fists of the soldiers and men who smote His face again and again.
  • The grounds of Golgotha that received the drippings of His blood, flowing from the cross as the soldiers drove the nails into His wrists and ankles.
  • The hands and hammers of the soldiers who nailed Him to the cross;  the whips of the soldiers who led Him to Golgotha .  Never in History has a man lost so much blood for the sins and evil that He did not commit.  He did all these for you and me!

The blood of Jesus  was resurrected from the spear that went through His side;  the reed that smote His head; the nails that went through His ankles and wrists; the crown of thorns on His head; the two robes He wore, His and the Herod’s;  the wooden cross on which He died; the hands of the soldiers who nailed Him to the cross;  from the rivers of the land that received His blood, washed into them by rain; the grounds of Golgotha; the streets of Jerusalem; the whips of Pilate’s guards, who scourged Him and the hammers of the soldiers, who nailed Him to the cross.

The Lord had to take His blood to Heaven, into the sanctuary of the Most High God, before the presence of the Almighty God, to atone for our sins and purify heaven itself. (Heb.9:12 & 23)  It is the life of Jesus for our sins and to have His life, He must give His blood.  The shedding of the blood is imperative and necessary for the salvation and redemption of humanity.  Almost all things are by the law purged and cleansed with Blood and without the shedding of the blood, there is no remission or forgiveness of sins. (Heb.9:22) Every drop of the blood of Jesus was retrieved and resurrected.  His blood is in heaven as you read this article right now. Whenever God, the father sees the blood, He is reminded of the price that Jesus paid to set humanity free. Through the blood, we have boldness to enter the Most Holy Place. Heb.10:19  A new way has been opened unto us through the blood into the presence of the Almighty God. V.20. Because of the blood we have access to God and we can approach Him today without guilt or condemnation of sins. V.22. Jesus your High Priest has entered Heaven and into the Most Holy Place to present His blood for your salvation and redemption.  The Blood has been resurrected and very much alive in Heaven!

Lev.16:1-10 was the type of Christ represented by the goat of approach and of escape every year during the day of atonement. One goat carried the sins of the people into the wilderness as the high priest laid his hands upon it transferring the sins of three million people. The other goat was the goat of approach which was killed and the blood taken to atone for the people on the mercy-seat.

Lev.17:10-12 revealed the importance of blood, even the blood of bulls and goats. Blood is forbidden to the Jews and whoever eats the blood cannot sojourn with the Lord God Almighty. The life of the animal is in its blood and whoever eats blood, eats the life the animal. Also in Lev.7:26-27, God gave the Israelites the injunction that they should not eat the blood of an animal.

Exo.4:14, 24-26. God was sending Moses unto Pharaoh the king of Egypt and he kept giving God excuses why he could not go. The anger of the Lord was kindled against him and was going to kill Moses on account of his uncircumcised son. The wife intervened, cut off the son’s foreskin and saved her husband’s life.

Lev.4:4-7. The blood was used to consecrate the people of God as the life of the animal was in its blood.  The high priest was to sanctify the people and himself with the blood. Exo.12:1-14 was the Passover of the Lord over His people and when the angel of the Lord came across the blood applied to the door of the house both vertically and horizontally, He will Passover the first-born and no evil would come to him.

ICor.11:23-30, John.13:26-27, Luke.22:3-20 and Matt.26:26-29 are the scriptures relating to the Lord’s Super which signified the Passover of the Lord as in Exo.12:1-14. The blood of the covenant. Jesus said, “This cup is the NT in My blood, this you drink in remembrance of Me. As often as you drink it, you show forth the death of the Lord.

Matt.26:36-46, Hebs.5:7 and Luke.22:41-46 revealed the agony in the soul of the Lord that even His sweat as He prayed was like drop of blood oozing out His pours in great pain. Paul made reference to that prayer and he said, “Who in the days of His flesh, when He had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto Him that was able to save Him from death and was heard in that He feared.”