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Whenever we see a miracle of healing the sick, casting out of demons, turning few beans or a cup of rice to feed a family of six, we see the kingdom of God coming in power and authority. The salvation of men and women, the intervention of God in the affairs of men to change them for the better reveals the kingdom of God right here and now. When we prayed and it is answered, that is the kingdom of God in demonstration and it means the King is here and now working through His people.

Jesus Christ said to His audience that there were some who would not die until they have seen the kingdom of God come in power and glory. Can one see the kingdom of God? Yes! The future will be brought into the present for one to see and experience the kingdom of God. The saints do see and experience the kingdom of God daily as they do exploits and see human lives changed and the miracles of new birth take place right before their eyes.

Jesus was going to bring the future into the present and three people were granted the permission to see it. Peter, James and John had that privilege and they did not perform too well as human reasoning took over. Peter wanted to break the silence, thus helping God. God does not need our help, but He chose to work with men and women who have acknowledged His Son as the Redeemer of Mankind.

Jesus said that death would not precede Peter, James and John until the sight and power of the kingdom. He was not saying that these three would not die, but that death would not come until they have seen the kingdom of God come with power, authority and light.

They were to see the kingdom on higher mountain and that meant that you will not experience a higher place in God until you have moved or risen to higher place from the usual and this takes diligence, effort and determination. Moses went to the mount of God to receive the Ten Commandments, Elijah went to a higher ground to hear the still voice of God and Jesus went to a high mountain in order for the inner disciples to see the kingdom and the power. The heights by which great men attained were not met by sudden flight. If you must see and experience the kingdom, then you must be diligent and resolved in your heart to go up higher on the mountain of God.

The sight of the kingdom begins by transfiguration and this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. You cannot will or conjure transfiguration and it must be by the Lord’s choosing. There must be first and foremost in the heart of a man a hunger and thirst for the living God. We must have faith as we come or approach His presence and know that He is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. (Heb.11:6)

We need our raiment to reflect the glory of God and of His kingdom once in a while. We need the future to be brought into the present for the glory of God. When we fully come into the kingdom, our bodies, raiment and everything about us will be changed. Our clothing will be white above all the fullers and dry cleaners of this world can do.

We shall be in the company of the Father, Christ, Moses, Elijah, angels and all the departed saints who have gone before us. But it is good to see these things occasionally to encourage us in the race that is set before us and surely we do experience these things. We do not have to be told that that is Moses, Elijah, Methuselah, Enoch, Noah and etc, we shall know them instantly because God has changed us both in the body and in spirit.

Our memories, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, revelation and all will be heightened and we will just know. Like the rich man knew Lazarus instantly and he was asking for a drop of water to cool his tongue. We shall know as He is known. Who will want to miss this experience? There is nothing in this world of ours that can prevent or seduce one from gaining an entrance into the presence of God, our Father. The song writer reminds me: “Were the whole realms of nature mine, it will be an offering far too small and I will rather have Jesus than silver and gold.”

Human reasoning to break the silence was offered by Peter, but God’s voice spoke from the clouds, saying:  “Hold your peace and be quiet, Peter. Listen to My Son for I have approved of Him.” Peter, not knowing what he was saying, opened his mouth and said: “Let us build three Tabernacles, one for Jesus, one for Moses and one for Elijah.” But what was the divine response? “Hold your peace and shut your mouth. Listen only to My Son, Jesus Christ.”

Human wisdom does very little in the presence of God, Almighty and men ought to hold their peace and be silent. Look at the world today and see what human wisdom has done. It has brought chaos, calamity, woes, tragedies, murders, crimes, man’s inhumanity to man, atrocities, evil, wickedness etc. We are reaping the outcome of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We have achieved little and done horrendous and unbelievable atrocities to the earth which the Lord has given us to manage for His glory and honour. We have also done untold evil to humanity.

It is like humans and we speak, when we should have shut our mouths, talking of things we have no knowledge of and thereby creating untold tragedies on earth. We need to learn from Peter and muse in our hearts the wisdom, knowledge, revelation and understanding of our Father.

The kingdom of our Father-God will be nothing, but constant positive affirmations, encouragements, acclamations and all that is good, pleasant and lovely. We will hear the voice of God, the Father as well as the voice of His Son, Jesus Christ, that Great Sheppard of humanity. Spirit hears spirit and we will be able to hear our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ speaking to all His children. Finally, the scene was taken away and Jesus Christ was alone with them.