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Every battle God’s people have fought and are fighting is in the realm of the spirit.  There is always a Satan behind the serpent, but Eve could not see into this realm.  All she could see was the harmless, talking snake.  So she did not guard her territory.  She thought her problem was only physical.

Most Christians see only the snake and are totally unaware of the enemy behind it.  Therefore you need to watch your language, actions and facial expressions.  Be careful or you could be speaking for the enemy.

The enemy always tries to come through people who are godly, holy and zealous for God.  If he fails, he tries those who are trying to be godly.  And if he still fails, he goes for those who are born again, but not really living for God.  These are believers who are not serious with God and they are neither cold nor hot.  Almost always, he never fails with this group.  He can zero in to something that has been bothering them, which they have not dealt with. The issues could be pain, anger, unforgiveness and bitterness that are as old as ten, fifteen, twenty or more years.  He always goes for people who are smart spiritually and have deep hunger for God.

The snake attacks first the Word of God in you.  If he can steal the word in your heart or get you confused about it, he will succeed.  He questions the validity and the authority of the word of God in you.  He will try and cast a shadow on God’s motives and intentions.  He does this with saints and sinners in order to bring about the seed of doubt or rebellion.  Did God really say that you couldn’t eat of every tree in the Garden?  He misquoted the Lord intentionally to introduce an element of doubt into Eve’s heart.  God did not say anything about every tree, but a particular one.

Can God be trusted?  Can people be trusted?  The snake will answer, “No you cannot trust anyone, but yourself.”  Eve had already fallen before she ate the fruit of the tree.  She fell when the snake twisted God’s word in her heart.  From that moment on, it was a downward trip for the woman.

You know that there is a snake in the house when the fear of God wanes in people’s hearts.  You know there is a snake in the house when there is an open rebellion to God’s Word.  You know what God said about a particular issue, but you defile it and do it your own way.  The enemy is a thief and he comes to steal from your heart the Rhema Word of God, the things that God has promised you and confirmed in your spirit.  He attacks the seed of the Word in you.  The word of God is the seed of God in your life.  If you don’t have the Word of God in you, you will have Satan’s or man’s.  See Jn.10:10, Lk.8:11, Jn.6:63, Heb.4:12 and Rev.12:11.

Satan comes to make himself your god by enlisting your name in his unroyal services.  He makes you his servant and a candidate for hell, his final destination.  He cast a shadow on the character, nature and the intentions of God and His people.  He makes you believe that God cannot be trusted, thereby posing himself as your rescuer, pleading for your trust and worship.  He tries to be nice to you as he questions God’s authority by questioning His Word.  He does this in order to sow a seed of rebellion in our hearts against God.  See the following scriptures: 2Cor.4:4, Jn.14:30, Eph.6:12, Jn.12:31 and 16:11.

He comes to dispossess you and take over your inheritance if you let him.  When he comes, he takes away your home and you become a vagabond, a wanderer, a hobo and a homeless individual spiritually.  He drives you out of you legitimate possession and becomes the owner.  He makes you a homeless saint running from pillar to post, from one church to another in total rebellion.  He makes you have a bedside church with your Television as your audience every Sunday and disobey Heb.10:25.  See the following scriptures, Gen.1:26-28, 2:8, Mat.4:4 and Jn.10:10.

Verses 2-3:  The poison of the snake was already at work in Eve’s heart.  She quoted God correctly in verse 2, but incorrectly in verse 3.  Compare 2:16-17 with 3:3.  She placed the word of God in the realm of probability and uncertainty.  If you disobey God you may or may not die.  But God said that you would surely die.  There is no probability or uncertainty about it.  It was emphatic and direct, “You will surely die.”

When the snake is in, people second-guess the will and the word of God.  Did Eve know what God said?  Yes.  But what happened?  The snake twisted God’s word and deceived her.  See 1Tim.2:14.  When you allow the snake into your life, he steals the fear of God from your heart and when there is no fear of God, anarchy and rebellion reign.  The word of God is at stake and this is the focus of the attack of Satan.  A wordless Christian is a dangerous human being to the kingdom of God on earth.

Verse 4:  When the snake is at work, people listen to other gods.  In fact they listen to Satan and make a god out of him.  There is an infinite capacity in every human heart for deception and self-justification.  It takes God’s grace to break the hold.  It was another god speaking and he said to the woman, “You shall not surely die.”  The devil will always speak through the snake and in our world today, the snake can be people.  The phrase “surely die” was not used by Eve, therefore the snake knew exactly what God said.  (See v.3 and the last line.)

Those who fail to take God’s word seriously will eventually take Satan’s lies seriously.  If you don’t listen to God, you will listen to someone else and it will be the devil. (Jn.5:43)  The confusion of Eve had increase:  Who is she to believe now, the snake of God?  When we play with the snake, we usually end up believing him instead of God.  You know the rest of the story.  Sin is a seed in the heart of person and it begins by destroying the Word of God inside you.

The devil, through the snake said to Eve, “God does not know what He is talking about.  You can get away with lying, rebellion, stealing, immorality, fornication, drunkenness, gossip, backbiting etc.  It will not harm you and you will be okay.  You don’t have to believe everything God is saying.  I know more than He does.  I am a god and you should believe in me.”  Have you ever heard these words in your mind?  Yes, every one of us has.

Verse 5: The enemy keeps talking and maintains that, “God is selfish.  He does not want you to be like Him.  He is holding something from you.  He wants to keep you in darkness and does not want your eyes to be opened.  The fruit will make a god out of you and God knows that.  God did not love you as He tries to say.  He is just acting.”  These are the common voices we hear in our minds.

By this time, the enemy’s deception has fully bloomed and she fell hook, line and sinker.  Note:  When you allow the snake to enter your life, you automatically cast the die and cross the rubicorn.  You will sin and disobey God.  See the following two examples from the Scriptures.

  1. Gen.4:7.  If you do well, will you not be accepted?  And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door.  Unto you shall its desire be and you will rule over him.  Cain did not listen to God.  He went out and became the first murderer on earth.
  2. Luke.22:3.  Then entered Satan into Judas Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve.  Judas was already a thief, as the treasurer of the group and when Satan was looking for his man, Judas was ready for him.  He sold his Master for thirty pieces of silver, but later committed suicide.

Verse 6:  This is the crossing of the rubicorn.  For the first time in her life, Eve went to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and examined its colour and form on a regular basis.  Sin becomes very attractive.  Sin felt and looked good.  She thought of all the blessings she could have as a god and the desire to disobey God was aflame and intensified.  The fruit was beautiful and very pleasant to the eye.  Sin is always very beautiful until the act is completed.  The quest for knowledge and wisdom flooded the canvas of her mind.  It was a desire for a form of knowledge outside the will of God.  The likes today are: clairvoyance, palm reading, soothsaying, horoscope, divining rods, witchcraft, sorcery, tea leaf reading, psychic lines, the gurus in transcendental meditation, divining board, terra cards and the likes.

When people ignore the word of God and listen to Satan’s lies, they will experience the four things mentioned below:  an attraction to sin, a likeness for sin, the apparent beauty of sin and a hunger for a form of knowledge and wisdom outside God.  She ate of the fruit and gave some to her husband.  Sin is very contagious and no one wants to fall alone into it.  Eve fell into sin and made her man to join her in it.  It is like today’s church and the leaven of sin.