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When the Lord God begins to show His plans through visions and dreams, the following things come into play and place visible to the eyes, ears, spirit and mind of the individual in God’s realm beyond this planet. The individual will have Appearance or Apparition, Panoramic Vision, Trance, (in OT and NT)

The person will experience Being There, Unpacking the Prophetic, Out of Body Experience, Open Heaven, In Close Deliberation, the Seer’s Realms, Standing in the Council of God, Audible Message, Pictorial Vision, Caught in the Spirit, Senses are suspended and Divine Sight. Intimacy is the goal of all things that God does in and for humanity.

Dreams are the language of emotions and often contain much symbolism which must be adequately and correctly interpreted. The symbolisms in dreams do not have multiple meanings and they are always very consistent. We have mental snapshots and flashes of light, images and picture.

Part: 2


  1. What we see in Gen.15:12-17, 20:7 and 28:12-15
  2. These are snapshots and flashes of light, images and pictures.
  3. These are also what we see in Psm.105:15 and Dan.7.

Part: 3


  1. Abraham in Gen.20:3,
  2. Nebuchadnezzar in Dan.2:1-49,
  3. The three wise men in Matt.2:12
  4. Pilate wife had a dream in Matt.27:19
  5. Joseph had several dreams and Gen.35:5-11 is one of them
  6. Solomon had a dream in 1King.3:5
  7. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus in Matt.2:13.

Part: 4


  1. Luke.1:11.  Zacharias the priest.
  2. Gen.32:24-31. Jacob, the man who wrestled with God.
  3. Josh.5:13-15. He saw the Commander of the army of heaven and that was Jesus Christ before He came to the earth.
  4. Luke.1:26-28. Mary, the mother of Christ, saw the archangel Gabriel
  5. Acts.1:3 The Apostles saw the Christ after His resurrection
  6. Acts.2:3. The Apostles saw the spirit of God as it descended upon them.
  7. Acts.10:1-6. Cornelius, saw an angel of the Lord in appearance in his home.
  8. Exos.3:1-10. Moses saw a divine sight disclosing the events of God.

Part: 5


  1. 1Exos.19:1- End. Moses saw the glory of God
  2. Exos.24:9-11. Elders with Moses saw God and did not die.
  3. 2 Chro.5:11-13. The king and his people saw the cloud of glory.
  4. Acts.26:2-19. Paul, saw the glory of Christ and lived to tell it.

Part: 6



  1. Ezekiel.1-3. Ezekiel saw the visions of God and he was commissioned to carry messages to his people. It is like a hole in the sky and God looks at mankind.
  2. Mark.1:10
  3. Luke.22:39-45

Part: 7


  1. 1Cor.15:50
  2. Kgs.2:1-12 (Elijah)
  3. Ezek.3:12-14, 11:1-2,
  4. Ezk.8:1-3, 37:1-4, 43:5-6
  5. 2Cor.12:1-14
  6. Heb.11:5 (Enoch)

Part: 8


  1. Prov.29:18
  2. Jer.23:18-32
  3. Heb.1:1-3 and 2:1-4
  4. Isa.40:12-17, 62:1-7
  5. Amos.3:7
  6. Dan.7:9-16

Part: 9


  1. Gen.18:1-33 (God and two angels appeared to Abraham in human forms)
  2. Acts.9:10-16, 10:3-8
  3. Acts.18:9-10
  4. Acts.22:17-21
  5. Ezek.3:22-24
  6. Ezek.8:1-18 (5, 6-11, &13)
  7. Ezek.37:1-10 & 40:1-8

Part: 10



Elijah heard the voice of God and so did other men and women both in the OT and NT.

  1. Gen.18:1-8
  2. Gen.3:7-10
  3. Matt.3:13-17
  4. Lk.9:28-36
  5. Acts.8:26-40
  6. Acts.9:1-9
  7. Acts.18:9-10
  8. Acts.13:1-3.

Part: 11


  1. Num.12:1-15. Moses, Aaron and Miriam saw God (A Pictorial Vision)
  2. Hosea.12:10
  3. Job.33:14-16
  4. Matt.3:17
  5. 1John.4:1-3
  6. Luke.1:11; 9:28-36
  7. Acts.8:26
  8. Acts.13:1-3

Part: 12


  1. Exos.7:1, Matt.11:4, 2Chro.29:30,
  2. Deut.13:15, Jer.1:5, Deut.18:18,
  3. 2Sam.24:11-12, 1Cor.6:19,
  4. John.2:24-25, Mal.4:5, 1Tim.4:14,
  5. 2Sam.7:2-5, John.8:29, 38a

Part: 13


  1. Three characters from the OT.
  2. Three Prophets (OT)
  3. Three Kings
  4. The Lord Jesus Christ
  5. Three Apostles
  6. Three Prophets (NT)
  7. Three Saints (men & women)