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Although Nebuchadnezzar knew the Almighty God praised Him from the previous chapter, but it was a head knowledge and it could not sustain him when the goings are tough. Satan who is the god of this world was behind idolatry he promoted in his kingdom.


What man says, does or does not say will either make God to display His power or withhold it.  The divine power is available to all. It just depends on the creation here below. In this case, Nebuchadnezzar, the kingdom of Babylon and its gods were the powers in question. He delivered His servants from the apparent danger that was pending.


Our lives are awesome and we will do anything to protect it. But when a man defiles this life and lay it down for the sake of the Lord, it moves divinity and in turns responds to the cause of man. Three Hebrews guys stuck their necks out and it was not foolhardiness. They knew their God and were aware of their actions because they have already counted the cost. They had measured the risk and were well aware what the consequence and the outcome of their actions would be, unless God miraculously intervened, as in fact He did. Once they were convinced that their action was right, and their loyalty to their required them to take it, then they “smilingly washed  their hands off of the consequences.

“We ought to obey God rather men,” said the apostles. (Acts.5:29) “Neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I may finish my course with joy,” said Paul. (Acts.20:24) This was precisely the spirit of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. It is the spirit of all who know God personally. Do you have that spirit? Is it in you? Can God count on you? They may find the determination of right the course to take agonisingly difficult, but once they were cleared on it, they embraced it boldly and without hesitation. They did not care or in a state amazement that other of God’s people saw it differently and did not stand with them.

Were these three men the only Jews who refused to worship the image of the king? Nothing in their records proved it to be so and even if it was truth, they did not care. They were cleared in what they personally have to do and that was enough for them.


Imagine yourself in a situation, perhaps in another Country where you are on trial for believing in Jesus Christ. Would you stand firm in your faith at the threats of your own life? What would help you to be strong? Would the knowledge of God within be sufficient for you? And would you sacrifice your life for the Master who freely gave up His life for you? What would you do in that moment when you are about to meet your Maker? It is a test of your character, courage, faith and your personality.

Discuss These Points:

What are you afraid of? Do you really know God as you have claimed? Is God sufficient for you? Can you give up your life for His course? What of if He does not deliver you, will you still trust and believe in Him? Are you serving God for when it is convenient and if not you opt for the door? The Lord did save the men from the fury of the king and the fiery furnace. Jesus Christ became the Fourth Man in furnace. What will it take for God to take such a drastic measure? What was responsible for it? Can God repeat these acts today? What do we have to do to experience the presence and power of the Lord? Are you determined to be in this number? Have you counted the cost of the possibility of forfeiting your life for the Kingdom of God? See v.1, vv.8-11, 15, 16-18, 19-22, vv.23-25 and vv. 26-30. The victory God gave to the three men and the realization that God rules in the affairs of men by Nebuchadnezzar and everyone in his kingdom.