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The word said, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.” (Heb.13:8) This means that miracles, signs, wonders and divine phenomenal intervention in human lives are absolutely possible because healing is the children read. The Lord Jesus Christ said this to a stranger. (Mark.7:27)

In the passage of the scripture before us, we see a blind man sitting by the way side begging for alms. But that fateful day, Jesus Christ the Son of God was passing his way. The man’s name was Bartimaeus, the son Timaeus and he pitched his location as usual by the roadside on the way out of Jericho. Jesus was to pass by that road. (v.46)

In the lives of every human being, there is a D-Day in which God has arranged a divine account with His Spirit. Bartimaeus was able to encounter God by His spirit. He heard that the commotion he was hearing had to do with Jesus Christ passing by him. (v.47) He said to himself, “It’s now or never and this day is the day of my miracle.” In receiving from the Lord, unless you cast the die and cross the Rubicon, you will not encounter what will change your life forever. He said in his heart that he would see Jesus and his sight would be restored unto him.

He flexed his muscles and strengthened his lungs to give a yell that would change his life. He began to cry out on the top of his lungs and saying, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.” He did not have theology, he was not learned and he had no finesse that could endear him to Christ or the crowd. All he had was his lungs and he took advantage of them. It was not one time cry, but a seasoned and long cry continuously for the mercy of God. It was annoying and exasperating and the crowds took offence to him. They were going to stop him from getting his miracle that day. It became a battle royal and may the better man win.

Nothing in life comes easy and if you want it, you have to go for it with all of your heart, strength and might. There will always be an obstacle in life to everything we want and this is no exception. Many charged him that he should hold his peace and stop yelling that loud. They called him names and ridiculed him, but they would have to do more than that to dissuade or persuade him from getting to the Lord His Creator. Instead of giving up the fight and tucked his tail behind his leg like a dog, he flexed his lungs’ muscles and increased the decibel of his voice, sounding out of his mouth such scream that it drown the crowd’s voices. All they could here was his voice ringing in the ears of the Lord and the crow. (v.48)

When the Lord Jesus Christ saw this, He stopped. When He stopped, the crowds also stopped because He was the Center and Heart of that entourage. The word said: “He stood still and commanded him to be called.” (v.49a) The very crowd that stood against him, that he should hold his peace, was the same one that Jesus commanded to call the blind man. God is able to turn the wrath of your enemies to bless you and give you a favourable answer. The scripture said, “When a man’s way pleases the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” (Prov.16:7) The crowd changed his mind and said, “Be of good comfort and rise up, for the Lord calls for you.” Imagine the crowd! Once it had a negative aggression, but now it spoke with compassion of the Lord and it was now part of the solution instead of the problem.

Do not look at your obstacles on your way to secure your blessings in the Lord. Use them as stepping stones to get to where you want to go. Obstacles, obstructions, mountains, barriers and things standing on our ways to God are to be overcome. We should not see them as insurmountable rocks that we cannot go through. Nothing is impossible with our God and to him who believes, nothing shall impossible as well. You can receive your miracle here and now and it does not matter what your need is: cancer, ulcer, arthritis, meningitis, chronic headaches, sores, paralysis, liver, kidneys, lungs, brain, bone, pancreas, blood, eye, ear, tongue or some other diseases. Whosoever can receive whatsoever he has generated faith for.

When angels appeared to men and women, the first phrase from their mouths is: “Fear not.” In this passage, we see the Lord saying to Bartimaeus and us: “Be of good comfort, only believe, your faith has healed, go in peace and many other encouraging phrases and words.” In the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ these human aberrations, discomfort, bodily infirmities cannot stand and are dismissed.

It is very interesting that the blind man cast his garment away from him that would have hindered his motion and he went to meet the Lord.  Anything that will hinder or reduce your advancement to the Lord must be cast off from you on route to having your miracles.

As if Jesus did not know what the blind man wanted from him, He asked him a question: “What do you want me to do for you?” He knew that the man needed his sight restored, but He asked Him all the same. Many people do not know what they need and with their own mouths they negate their miracles and forfeited an answer from God.

Bartimaeus did not go rambling on, but he was very specific and direct to the point. He said to Christ: “Lord, I want to receive my sight.” He did not tell stories of how he has spent all of his earnings going to this doctor and that doctor. How he had tried all medicine known to mankind on earth. He simply said that I want to receive my sight. I would like to see again. Don’t tell the Lord stories of your adventures regarding your journeys in trying to secure health for yourself or someone you loved. It’s no use please! (v.51)

The Lord’s answer was also very direct to the answer of Bartimaeus. He said, “Go your way, your faith has made you whole.” In other words, your faith has conquered every obstacle, mountain, barrier and hindrance that humans have mounted against you. You have triumphed and exceeded them all. I commended you. Immediately, he received his sight and followed Jesus in the way.

What a battle! What a fight! What an indictment against evil and evil people! What a lesson for us all to learn! Good triumphed over evil and the good guys won at last.

Whatever you need in life, God has it in store for you, but you must get up and go get it. You must fight the good fight of faith and you must be willing to let go and let God. You must forsake the pride of life and humble yourself under God to receive what He has laid aside for you ever before you were born. Do not look at the faces of the preachers, the crowds, the entourage and whatever may be your obstacles to prevent you from receiving from the Lord.

You must be resolved, be resolute, be diligent and be courageous. God is waiting for you. His alms are stretched for towards to you. Only be bold, fearless and strengthen yourself in the Lord. PTL! The blind man wrote his history and went home seeing and rejoicing for what the Lord has done for him.