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The spiritual controls the natural, the heavens control the earth, the divine controls the humans, the things we cannot see control the things we can see, the unspoken controls the spoken and the invisible controls the visible.

Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada and he fits into the picture just like other heads of states. He, like the leaders of the world embodies and represents the whole of Canada. So to think like Prime Minster Harper is to think like the world and all it holds for all of mankind who are represented by their heads of states. If you think like Harper, it means you have a mindset that is prone to the ways of this world, but if you are a child of God, then you have been born of God and He is your Father. You are seated with Christ in the heavenly places. (Col.3:1)

It then means that the God of heaven controls mankind and if mankind will acknowledge this, they will live better and have the resources of the Creator made available to them. It is incredible the way this concept works and it beats all of mankind’s imagination and thinking process.

The tendency of humans is to think that what we see controls the unseen and therefore, we lose out in the affairs of divinity as men and women created in the image and likeness of His Maker.

Mankind tends to care for the things of men rather than the things of God. In Mk.8:27-38, Jesus asked His disciples who do men say that the Son of Man is? They reply by saying that some say He is Elijah, Jeremiah and John the Baptist while others say He is like one of the prophets. Then He turned to His disciples and asked them: “Who do you say that the Son of Man is? Peter stood up and say: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

Jesus said to the Peter, “Flesh and blood had not revealed that unto you, but My Father in heaven.” On this same chapter and few verses below, Jesus began to share with His disciples that the Son of Man must go to Jerusalem, He will be entreated by the leaders of the Jews negatively and maltreated and then be killed. The third day He will rise from the dead.”

Peter who responded to Jesus Christ in the first discuss also responded to Him in this situation and said, “May it never happen to you and no one will kill you…” Jesus responded to Peter, “Get you behind me Satan, for you care for the things of men rather than the things of God.” In other words, you are controlled by the mindset of the natural world instead of being controlled by the mindset of heaven.”

This is the major confrontation of man on this planet and if mankind remained like this, his world will be absolutely limited. The reason why Peter said what he said and the occasion for it is in verses 31-32. Jesus replied to Peter words is in v.33.

The things of God and the things of men are like day and night and the will of God and that of man are diametrically opposed. Can a man truly serve God who is fully committed to the will of man? The answer is no and the unnatural man cannot carry out the will of the spirit of God. The one has a mindset of heaven and thinks beyond the natural, while the other thinks naturally. The natural man, earth bound cannot relate to the things beyond him.

The foremost aspects of the divine will are serving Him and Him alone, being born again, the suffering of Christ, the death of Christ, the rejection by men, must be buried and must be resurrected. But Peter words opposed all that are written above.

Satan projected his thoughts into Peter’s mind and he took ownership of them, but it was not Peter speaking. The enemy of God and man was at work using the mind and mouth of Peter. The question is, “Do you fear God or man? The word says, “Fear not man who only has the power to kill the body, but fear God who can both kill the body, soul and spirit. He carries more clout than then whole seven billion plus and the leaders combined. The saints must be delivered from the fear, snare and the ways of this world.

In conclusion, the thoughts and the ways of God are not the ways of mankind. (Isa.55:8) We must be willing to think supernaturally and divinely having received the spirit of the Lord which enables us to think, reason, talk, hear, see, feel and do things like God Himself. We have been recreated in the image of God Himself. (Eph.4:24)