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Nothing brings the tangible presence of the Lord God, Almighty than when a saint is in dare bereavement and untold suffering brought about by natural disaster or tragedy, puts aside his or her anguish and begins to praise the Lord God with all his or her might.

God’s angels long to see the expression of joy and complete ecstasy in the face of God. They do not understand such pure joy in God brought about by one of His saints. Words will fail me to describe such ecstasy in the language that mankind will comprehend.

Paul and Silas did it in prison amidst bleeding hands, feet and mangled bodies in prison after they have been flogged by the policemen. The apostles rejoiced that they have been counted worthy to share in the suffering of Christ after they were released by the Sanhedrin. No wonder the place where they were praying shook with intense fervency with an earthquake way above the rectors’ scale of 10-15 and the building stood.

In human sufferings, tragedies, disasters and bereavement, there is a place in God that human praises will arrest the presence of the spirit of the Lord. It has never failed and few of the saints know these feelings in the place of total tragedy where it is turned to the praiseful sanctuary of God and the heaven comes down to meet the earth with eternal embrace.

The earth is filled and full of calamities, tragedies, disasters, man’s inhumanity to man, deplorable evils and untold wickedness all over the world of six and half billion souls that are inhabiting the surface of the our planet. When these bad things happen, mankind thinks that God is aloof and He does not care. On the contrary, God is in Nations that are undergoing natural disaster tsunami where half a million people perished, God was in New Orleans when the ocean waves swept away hundreds of thousands of homes and lives, God is in Japan when nuclear center cracked down and erupted with waves of the sea sweeping away thousands and thousands of lives.

Time will fail me to speak of the calamities, atrocities, abominable evil and wickedness of man in Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Adi Amin, Moamma Gadhafi, Saddam Hussein and the likes of them. If we know that when mankind is in those precarious conditions, God shares His essence with us when we bypass our sorrows and turn them into the praise of our Father God. The world will overflow with the glory and presence of God to the point that evil will almost be eradicated in our world.

Our sorrows, bereavement, anguish, pain, emotions, the loss of families and friends, the devastations and calamities are so overwhelming that they drown our God and we cannot feel or sense His presence in the midst of our very dark and gloomy situations. If we can just stop for a moment and retrace our steps backwards before the tragedy strikes, we will know that God is a very present help in time of trouble and need. (Scripture)

What happens when a mother is total agony of soul because she loses the only child she has? How do you console a father who has just received the news that his son has died in battle against the enemy nation? What do you say to the family that their father was in an accident and he was in a plane that perished in the sea? Do you have words for a father to be who was expecting his wife and baby to return to the home from the hospital and that he has gone to prepare for them a home, but a drunken driver has ended their lives?

Do you know the story behind the song “It is well, it is well with my soul”? I bet you don’t know. A man was going to welcome his family back home from a journey by sea. When he got to the pot, he was told that his wife and the three children have perished in the ocean liner which sunk on the sea. How did he handle the news and the tragedy of his entire family gone and buried in the watery grave?

Do you know sorrow? Have you ever experienced the loss of a loved one? Were you in a disaster where you lost one of your lags, right hand and your sight? Did you return from work only to be told that your family had a fire accident and all of them are dead? Were you on a trip and suddenly an accident occurred in which all died, but you are alive? Terrible things happen to good people and we do not know why the righteous suffer and disaster befall the innocent. Only God knows the cause of all actions and to praise Him under those conditions, it calls for heaven to appear on earth and that will change the plight of mankind.