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The, Father God; Jesus Christ and Who We Are!

 God is Primary: God is the first Being and He existed before the angels, spirits, mankind and any other forms of life below us, on the earth and above us. If you deny the existence of God, you have denied yourself because you have no existence outside Him even though you are animated right now. He was and is responsible for our being here. Every thing on earth including mankind exists because of His mercy, grace, wisdom, might and love. If you begin from a place of zero in which God is not, then you are dead while living whoever you may be, male or female alike.

Jesus Christ: Christ is the second being and in command. God the Father has given Him the all right and privileges of sonship to have life in Himself and to give life to whomsoever He wills. All authority, judgment, power and dominion has been given to Him by His Father. If you bow down your kneels to Him, you will stand amongst men and you will never bow to any other gods of demon, spirits or man. He is all that we need to live our lives here below. When you acknowledge Him, you acknowledge His Father who gave Him the authority over mankind and yourself as a human being under Him. But if you reject Him, you reject your own very being and you become a living dead.

Adam: God made Adam, the federal head of human race in His own Image and likeness, but he was corrupt by Satan and he gave up his dominion to his enemy. He was created by the spirit of God and every thing about him was perfect and beautiful. God said, “Behold it was very good.” Satan, the former first employee of God came into the Garden and through deception, he made Eve to disobey God’s word who later gave her husband the seed of sin and both were corrupt after the manner of Satan. And so all humanity fell into sin and corruption because Adam was the federal head of mankind. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father and the Arm of God came to deliver mankind from the seed of sin and evil. He succeeded and the gate to believe in the redemption story brought to reality by God Himself through Jesus Christ.

The Others: Angels, the saints, mankind and the departed both of good and bad spirits are all Supporting Cast, willingly and unwillingly. Whether you believe it or not, it does not make any difference. No mortal can affect His power neither can one negate it. The Father sent His own Son, Jesus Christ and gave Him His spirit to accomplish all His desires and will on the earth.

The Redeemed: All the redeemed who has acknowledged Him as Savior and Lord is given the status as sons and daughters of the living God. They are more than conquerors and their lives are hidden in Christ in God and death cannot overcome them. The angels are also the supporting cast of God and flaming ministers of Him to the saints and those who will call upon the name of the Lord. They serve in the army of God on the earth, under the earth and above the earth under the spirit of God, which are the seven eyes of God to the whole earth. These services have been going on from the time of Adam, Jesus Christ and to this modern day in the 21st Century and beyond.

Salvation of Mankind: The coming of Jesus Christ by the will of the Father to usher in the age of the Gospel as well as the Kingdom of God is the last intervention in the human race that He has created. Christ is all the front and center of the Kingdom of God as He fulfilled the will of God through the Gospel in the giving up of Himself to rescue mankind from the wrath to come. There are a little over 7 billion souls living on earth today and no one will die without having an opportunity to hear the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in Christ, the Redeemer and savior of mankind.

Satan The enemy: Satan is both enemy of God and mankind and he was not created evil, but he became evil by choice. Jesus Christ said that he was the father of lies and he sinned from the beginning. He was created beautiful and very powerful as the first archangel of God who directed praise and worship to God almighty. One day in antiquity, he thought that he could receive all the accolades coming to His Maker. He followed through with this through to dethrone God as pride filled his heart. There was a war in heaven many years before man and heaven was divided. In the battle that ensued, a third sided with him and the remaining two-third sided with Archangel Michael. When the war was over, heaven and the earth was greatly affected and the latter was left in a state of “tohu vobohu”, an emptiness, void and a total waste. Then God began a recreation and calling things and events into order. It was like as if two elephants had fought and the earth was terribly marred. God decided that He would make man after His Image and Likeness and thus man was created from the earth relating to his outer part and his spirit relating to the spirit of God.

Satan controlled mankind for several thousands of years before Jesus Christ finally came by the will of the Father. We owed a debt we could not pay and He paid a debt He did not owe as He came to pay mankind’s debt. He met with Satan face to face and offered to pay the ransom of man’s behalf with His blood and Life. Satan accepted the offer and the deal was sealed and paid in full. When Christ came out of the grave He said, “It is finished, it is done.” Satan’s grip on mankind is broken forever and ever. So mankind will face the wrath of God not because of the force, strength and the power of Satan, but by the choices and the will of mankind to obey the evil one. The Word said, “Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved and delivered.”