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1Thess.4:16-17 & Jn.5:28

His Shout, The Voice & The Trump

If the whole world could combine all the hydrogen, atomic and helium bombs together, the noise or sound that will be made by them falls short of the combined noises of these three above: the shout of Jesus Christ, the voice of the archangel and the trump of the Almighty God of all the creation of the universe. (1Thess.4:16-17; Jn.5:28)

These three combined noises are the loudest, greatest and horrendous noises that the world has ever heard. There is nothing close to it in all of heaven, the earth and the world under. The strongest of metals will melt at the sound of the three and the world will reel and spin on its axis forever. What a noise!

There are other noises that remind us of these noises in the scriptures. In no particular order they are: the voice of Christ calling up Lazarus from the dead in Jn.11, the voice of the trumpets in Rev.8, the voices of the living spirit Rev.6:10, the voice of many waters Rev.1:5, 19:6 and other voices in the scriptures, but none comes close to the combined forces of these three.

It caused life to be formed and birthed forth in the bones of the righteous dead and hell that has held the redeemed was opened to let out the saits of God across the planet earth. It is a day of triumph, victory, jubilation, joy and ecstasy for all the saints of God. All shall live and tell of the glories and splendors of the Lord their God. What a day that would be when all of the redeemed will come to life and live forever and ever.

Imagine the whole world of 2-3 billion plus all lift up their voices and give the greatest shout they can utter through their lungs. The sound will be deafening and rendering life to all lifeless things that will hear the sound in the frame-work of the redeemed.

These three sounds are getting ready at the end of time and they will be all together and the noise that will come forth from them will chatter all that opposes life. They will be a life-giving sound that will cause the bodies of the dead saints to come forth from where ever they are. Their bodies, sinews, bones, blood and all the minor and major organs shall come together and they will be animated like it was from the beginning in Gen.2:7. There will be a recreation made possible by the combined power of the three voices or sounds. You cannot even imagine it. It will defy imagination and transcends the realms of the spirit only known by the mind of God.

All our pains, sorrows, anguish, difficulty, persecution, suffering, man’s inhumanity, untold tragedy and the evil killing of the saints by their enemies will all be forgotten in an instant because of the power of the three voices combined. In the anal of human history from Adam to the last human on earth will never be its equal in past, present and future.

We know the shout of the Lord because we have heard of it before when He gave that horrendous voice at the tomb of Lazarus. The voice of the Archangel shall be the voice of Michael in thundering roar and the trump of God will be the combined forces of heaven powered by the Almighty God Himself to usher in a new millennium and time of blissful existence in the annals of the heaven and the new earth.

Every thing will be changed and the old will become new as it was in the beginning so shall it be at this consummation of time. The earth and the heaven breathe a sigh of relief and God the Father will have all things back as they were. This will be the commencement of the great things of God and both the angels and the saints of God shall live forever and ever in the day that evil is consumed and finished with.

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