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 COMMAND. #6 (v.13)

You shall not kill.

(Duties towards others in terms of the sanctity and the sacredness of life)

You shall not take your Life or another’s.

God is the Author and the Giver of Life, both of man and beast. He is the Creator of every kind of life and He alone and His designated deputies and authorities (governments) have the right to take human life. (Roms.13)

Human life particularly, is very sacred and He has placed a high value and premium on it. The equivalent of human life is not lands, houses, riches, wealth and billions of solid and liquid assets. All the riches and wealth of our world combined cannot buy one solitary life, either of a baby in the womb or the king or queen upon the throne. Money and riches cannot buy life and it is never for sale. Slavery is the revelation of the greed and hardness of the human heart.

From the accounts of the scriptures, life is a personal property of the Living God and it has the same constitution as God Himself. This life is undying and it is a product of the Spirit, manifested through the human body. At death, life goes on in the dimension of the spirit, hence there is life after physical death. The breath of God, also called the Spirit of God, produces life according to Job.33:3-4. Jesus asked a question in Mark.8:37, “What shall a man give in exchange for His life?

In other words, ‘What is the equivalent of your life?’ ” Life begets life, therefore the life of Jesus Christ is the only equivalent of your life since your life is the product of God. For God so loved the world that He gave the life of His One and Only Son to die for sinners like you and me. Those who believe in Him will live and those who reject Him, will perish forever. The only substitute for the human life is the Life of Christ and nothing else can substitute for it. This is why God forbids us to take our own lives or anothers’. Life belongs to the Living God.

God wants you to do everything in your power to be a blessing, an encouragement and inspiration to people and promote life. Always try your possible best to be part of the answer and not the problem. Help people to be fulfilled and live their lives to the highest possible level. You have been created in the image and the likeness of God. This is a mystery and the more you try to figure it out, the greater the level of your confusion will rise. Accept and believe it and it will be well with you.

In Romans 13:1-5, the scripture says, “Everyone must subject himself to the governing authorities (governments), for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels or resists them is rebelling against the authority of God, because they are God’s deputies. Those who do so will bring judgment upon themselves, because rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. The authority or government is a minister of God and an agent of His wrath, to bring punishment upon the wrong doers.

Only God and the government have the right to pronounce capital punishment on a person after all the pros and cons of the event have been carefully and truly investigated and the Jury and Judge have pronounced a guilty verdict. No individual person should play the role of God or the government by taking his own life or the life of another person regardless of the circumstances or the situation in the womb or outside it. The world does not need the likes of Ted Bundy, Mark Lepin, Jack the ripper and others. These men are serial killers and have taken the lives of many people before they died through their own hands or the authorities. Satan is always involved whenever someone takes his own or another person’s life.

Each time the devil drives the human mind and emotion to a level of negative intensity that rises above the human boundaries, death always occurs. No one can kill himself or another without this level of high intensity of mental and emotional negativity. Everyone that has killed himself or another had experienced unbelievable intense level of the worthlessness of the human life before the act of suicide or murder is committed.

The habitat of life is in the human spirit. The body is only the window of the spirit and the life in the spirit is reflected in the body. At physical death, life stays in its place of origin…the spirit and continues either in the presence of God or in hell away from God depending on the acceptance or the rejection of Christ. Every baby who has died or bas been killed in the womb, all murders, assassinations, those who died in all the wars of the world, from Adam to the present time, live on beyond the portals and curtains of the earth in the realm of the spirit. God is the God of the living spirits and not of the physically dead bodies.(Matt.22:32)

When God said, “Thou shall not kill”, He made provisions for the protection of your life here on earth. That no one should take it from you at will and leave your family in a state of sorrow, grief and anger. This law covers suicides, the killing of babies in the womb (abortion) and outside it, the killing of other human beings just because of anger and rage. It also covers euthanasia, the act of mercy killing. It partially covers animal life when it reveals cruelty and meaninglessness in the act of killing them. However, the law focuses on human life as against animals’.

There are many ways people can commit suicide or kill another human being. It can be done through the spoken or written word. Potent, negative words (spoken or written ) have killed people and there are millions of people in our world today who are living dead because of what they have read or heard. Ephesians.4:29 says, “Let no unwholesome words proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good for building others up according to their needs, that they may inspire and benefit those who listen and hear the words.

You can kill yourself or others through negative, demonic and devilish pictures: raw hard-core pornography, dragons, imps and demons, grotesque images and all forms of perverted sexual pictures of man and man, woman with woman, man or woman with animals, woman with demons and all kinds of images and idols. The eyes and ears are the doorways to the human soul and spirit. These pictures produce people like Ted Bundy, Jack The Ripper, Mark Lepin and their likes. Some of these pictures are motion pictures on TV and movie theaters. Kids watch on TV, monsters and demonic creatures every Saturday mornings in their homes. Parents actually use their hard-earned money to purchase TV which brings these child-killers into their homes. Others are still or stationary pictures, framed and on the walls in our bedrooms…of naked men and women in sexual orgies, of dragons and monsters, of the devil himself, of doleful creatures like owls, of skulls of human beings, dragons and snakes, demons and grotesque looking abominable pictures.

You can also kill yourself or others by hatred, discrimination and deep-seated racial bias. This will produce the likes of the Black Panters, Ku Klux Klan, Hitler, the Aryan Nation etc. You can also kill by cold silent treatment rooted in animosity, unforgiveness, anger, bitterness and resentment. Our world is full of sick and dead people who are walking dead.

Have you ever seen the smiling face of a brand new baby? That is life and it is absolutely incredible to behold. These babies reflect the essence of life which is peace, love, joy and contentment. Death is an enemy and he will be destroyed one of these days.(ICor.15:26) The devil is the author of death (Jn.10:10) and whenever one kills himself or another, it is a revelation of the hell, hatred and darkness in the heart and soul of Satan, the enemy of God and man. Do not buy into the thoughts of the enemy to kill. It is against the will of God. Close the door of your mind and heart against the thoughts of suicide or murder. Lock the door and give the kill to Jesus and it will never happen to you.

God and His deputy can take life. Leave that duty to them. Human life is a gift from God and very sacred. Canada should have the Law that supports capital punishment. Do everything in your power to enrich human life and always endeavor to be part of the solution instead of the problem and God will bless you for it.

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