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Ten Commandments


God is the personification of Love and the Word even said that “God Is Love”. Whenever God does anything, there is always reason for His actions and solely for the good and promotion of humanity. God never acts outside His character and personality, and if God is love, His actions then must be totally altruistic or selfless. God was not thinking of slavery and bondage, when He gave mankind the Ten Commandments.

In the Ten Commandments lie, the hope, enrichment, promotion and the well-being of all the children of Adam, Jews and Gentiles alike. The Ten Commandments are not negative at all. They are positive Laws stated negatively to denote emphasis, intensity and the force of the divine admonitions. They are given in the negative manner to create no room for misinterpretation or ignorance. When you read them, you go away with a definite understanding of what gives God pleasure and what ticks Him off. You will have to work hard to tick God off and usually it’s willful and not ignorance. God is not out to get any one of us through these laws and His heart as a Father yearns to bless and not to curse or make our lives ugly and miserable. Our God is a good God and His ways are awesome.

These laws were given to demarcate God’s people from the rest of the pagan culture and worlds that surrounded them. They were to be light to the Gentiles and a source of inspiration to the rest of mankind. God is building a brand new race of people and He started a spiritual chemical process with the Jews, descendants of Abraham, a man scooped from amongst the pagans. Today, this new race of humanity is continuing through the church and it has room for the Jews, Gentiles and all kinds of people. The middle wall of partition has been broken down. No more walls between man and God. If there is one, God did not make it nor put it there. No! A thousand times no.

These were given to help the community of Israel on how to govern themselves in the light of God’s direction, now and when they settled into their own lands. The Law did not seize to be when grace came through Jesus Christ. Grace is a higher and better way to live under God. If you are under grace in Christ, you will not have multiple gods as objects of worship, you will not want to take the Name of the Lord in vain, you will not violate God’s will by working 7 days a week, you will obey and respect your parents, you will not want to kill, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness and covet what does not belong to you.

The Ten Commandments are the corner stones or pillars of the Laws that govern human existence all over the world. The Eskimos know them and the Pigmies of Congo are aware of them. The North and South Americans have them in their Constitutions. The Europeans cannot live without them and the Indians, Japanese, Chinese and the Australians are governed by them. They are universal Laws on how humans should conduct themselves. They came from the heart of God, the Father to His children in particular and the whole world in general.

So, the world lives by them and while the saints live by a higher Law of righteousness, the Law of Love. It is the purest form because Christ embodied it. (1Cor.13.) Wherever you may go in the world, you will find that the core of what governs humanity is found in the Ten Commandments. Canada, USA, Great Britain, East Indies, West Indies, Australia, the Far and Middle East and all owe a debt to the Ten Commandments given by the Lord originally to Israel, His people.

The Lord is speaking to the Jews in particular and the rest of the world in general, “I AM your God and you only need Me. Idols are no gods at all and I Am totally sufficient for you. My Name is Holy and Awesome. You need to revere and respect it. Your body is a gift from Me to you. Treat it well and observe rest and holidays that I have prescribed. It is good for your well-being. Your parents brought you into the world, honor and obey them. Life is good and I give it to everyone. It is My gift to you. Protect and love it. Be content and satisfy with your spouse. Treat all people with dignity. Learn to share and give. Let the rich and the poor live in harmony. Preserve your neighbor’s dignity and speak well of him at all times. Fight for the promotion of your neighbor and what he has. Endeavor to guard them as you would guard your life and property.” These are the Ten Commandments and they are positive and excellent for life. God stated them negatively for clarity, understanding and significance. If you need any thing, God will supply it. If that thing is not in this world, He will create it for you, because He loves you. He is committed and attentive to your needs. He is your Anchor and your ship is safe with Him.

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