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Confidence like faith is native to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and we cannot receive it unless we come through Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, even so is the beginning of our confidence is the acknowledgment of the One God who sent His Son into our world to deliver us from the wrath to come, thus making us His children for ever. You do not have the confidence of God if you refuse to accept Jesus Christ as the propitiation for your personal sins.

The confidence that is in God must pass from Him to you through Jesus Christ and then you can have the confidence of God in you as He has confidence in Himself. You will then have confidence in what God has spoken to you even as He had confidence in His word. God is not a man, neither the son of man that He should lie or repent as the prophet said by the spirit of God. (Num.23:19-23)

You cannot have confidence in the government, man, the system, woman or things made by man. If you do, you will soon discover that it is a leaking container that will soon evaporate. Man is not made or created by God to depend on man, but to trust and have confidence in His Maker. The songwriter says that the arm of flesh will fail you and you dare not trust your own. It is only on the strength of the Lord that the saints are to trust and nothing else.

You have no confidence until you have the confidence of the Lord in you and if you fake it, you will fall on your face. The character and the person of God are what make you to trust in His mercy and grace and what them, your trust is built on the strength and the ability of man. The results of such confidence will not stand on the battlefield against the enemy

Lucifer had confidence in himself and thought that he could take on the Lord God Almighty in battle with a third of the army of heaven against the two-thirds that were loyal to God. He fell flat on his face and was driven to the heaven just above the earth where a two-year old saint in Christ will mess him up. His confidence was had holes in it and it could not hold the fury of the Lord.

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in a man or in princes. The Psalmist was rehearsing his life and he quickly discovered that the confidence of God was better than the combined trust of many nations. E said, “Nations compassed me round about, but in the name of the Lord will I destroy them. They compassed me about like bees and they are quenched like the fire of thorns. (Psm.118:8-13) The Lord is my strength, song and He has become my Salvation. The right hand of the Lord is exalted and does valiantly. (vv.14-16)

The saints of God have no confidence other than the Lord their God. They are servants and they follow orders from the Lord, the Captain of their Salvation as they listen and hear the voice of the spirit of the Lord. We have not chosen Him, but He has chosen us to be with Him before we can go to the Nations. (Mk.3:14 and Jn.15:16) A man who will not kneel before the Lord, cannot stand before men, but when he is willing to bow before Him and hear the matching orders from His mouth, there is no man that can stand before him or her, even his or her enemies. (Prov.16:7)

The Father declared the confidence that He had in Himself that was also in Christ publicly after the Son baptism. The words of the Father were to inspire confidence in His Son that He had in Himself. This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased and the Son needed to hear those words from His Father.

When God begins a work in man, He completes. God is unlike man who starts a thing and cannot accomplish it because of many variations in life. Nothing shall be impossible with Him. (Lk.1:37) He has the power to bring into fruition what He has started. In whatever circumstance or condition you may find yourself and however bad or impossible the situation may, God’s answer to your conditions is yes and amen.  Do not second-guess your confidence in God that has a recompense of reward. (Heb.10:35) God put His confidence in your heart for what He is about to accomplish in you.

The Father is searching and looking for people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (Jn.4:24) and the scriptures say, “We are the circumcision who worship the Father in the spirit and rejoice in Christ. We have no confidence in the flesh”. (Phil.3:3) God specializes in doing things humanly impossible and if you can believe God for it, then God is obligated to perform it for you because nothing shall be impossible to him that believes. (Mk.9:23) Again in 1Jn.4:4, the spirit of the Father is in the saints and God is greater than the evil one who dwells in the children of disobedience.

The things that are impossible to man are possible to God and there is no common sense with God. Common sense is not God sense and those who operate in common sense are the enemy of God because the sense that is common is opposed to God sense. The limitation of man is God’s opportunity to show case His power on behalf of humanity.

God can cause an axe head to swim, He can raise the dead, He can walk on the water, He can make the blind to see and there is nothing beyond Him. When the same faith that operates in God is in operation in the saints: the sons and daughters of God, things, words, human and places take on a different dimensions in the spirit only to be manifested in a tangible, concrete and real way in the physical world.

When you, a child of the kingdom of God steps out in faith, people will say to you: you cannot do this, you cannot do that, things do happen that way, we have been doing this for so long and we get the same results every time, but when God steps into the picture, things change quickly and rapidly because He operates in the spirit which is the fourth dimension. It is the realm of all possibilities and God dwells and lives in that realm as the saints have partnered with God through Jesus Christ in whom we are made the sons and daughters of the Almighty God.