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Greater than the light of the sun

(Gen.1:3 & John.1:4, 14:6)

The Light of Life is greater than the light of the sun, moon and stars combined. The light of the sun and the related lights are too deemed in incandescence, glory, majesty, illumination, splendor, power and brightness to the Light of Life. This is the Light in Gen.1:3 before the creation of the sun, moon and stars in Gen.1:14 and Jer.31:35. This Light of Life in the first day of the creation of the world in vv.3-5 is not the same light of the Solar System in the fourth day of creation. This very Light must have come from God Himself because there is no explanation of its origin and where it came from.

The Solar energy is depleting and waning today in the 21 century and it will continue to diminish in strength and energy until it is zero. But the Light of Life will continue in intensity, power, glory and energy forever and ever. It is the Light of God and of the Lamb as Rev.21:22-24 and 22:5 give us the understanding and knowledge. The Scientists are saying that the sun as we know it will fold up and burn out not many years from now. Then our world will experience confusion and pandemonium in a staggering proportion.

In Gen.1:3, the first Light was called into being to separate and distinguish between the inky darkness that covered and filled to the brim the entire globe from top to bottom in the first creative day of the Lord God, Almighty. The Lord God called that Light day and the darkness He called night. However, the sun, moon and stars were still to be created in the fourth day of creation. The sun was not around when this Light came into reality. (Psm.33:6, Isa.40:12-15, 44:24-28, Zech.12:1 and Heb.10:1)

The lights of the firmament of the heaven are there for reasons and they are to divide the day from the night, for seasons, signs, days and years. The reason for their creation was to give light upon the earth. This was different from the Light that created a demarcation and distinction from the darkness in Gen.1:3. The world may be in state of chaos when the sun stops to give its light and heat, but not so with the Light of Life. The Light of God and of His Christ will continue to shine and both the angels and the Redeemed will be surrounded by its glory. They will not need the light of sun, moon and stars, but the Light of God and the Lamb will cover and shine upon the City of God, the New Jerusalem: the home of the Saints.

The Saints are secured in God and well-preserved from the elements, fire and all that will try the world. However, he who endures to the end, the same shall be saved and will see the face of God. (Rev.22:3-5)

The world of the scientists and those like-minded people who are concerned with the rate at which the sun is being depleted and the effects on the ozone layers and the melting glacial of the arctic regions, do not have to worry because God has another Light in mind that will shine upon His angels and the Redeemed of the Lord.