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Water: Jesus spoke about a well of water springing up into everlasting life in John.4:14-15 and a river of living water flowing from the inside of you in John.7:37-39. A well and river both have some thing in common and it is water, but the force, mobility and the power of a river cannot be compared with the rigid, stagnant and immobile state of a well. God changes your well to a river when you experience the outpouring of the Spirit of God upon your heart and flesh. Joel.2:28. You must let God change your well into a river otherwise your Christian life will go nowhere.

Jesus asked you to come and drink and this was a reference to the Holy Spirit. It means receiving the Holy Spirit is like drinking water and anyone can receive this gift.(Jn.7:37-39) How hard is it for you to drink water? Drinking water is like ABC and 123. If you can drink, then you can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Go for it!

Every gift of God is received by faith and not works. Nobody can earn the gift of God. We receive the Holy Spirit the same way we receive salvation. When you hear the word of God concerning the gift of the Father, you must believe and appropriate it for yourself. So in Galatians, Paul asked the church whether they received the Holy Spirit by the hearing of faith or through the works of the law. He called them foolish Galatians because they moved from faith to works for wages instead of believe for blessing. Gal.3:3-5.

Jesus Christ is portrayed as the Bridegroom of the church and we are His Bride. The Holy Spirit is His down payment upon us, signifying that we are his. He gave us the Holy Spirit as His engagement ring pending the future ceremony of marriage. We are His while we are here on earth and all prospective suitors must back off. We have been spoken for and a price has been put down on our behalf. (Eph.1:13 and Matt.3:11)

God wants you to receive the Holy Spirit and this was the promise He made to His Son, Jesus Christ. Acts.1:2-5. This promise is for you, your children, those who are far off and all believers and as many as the Lord, our God shall call. (Acts.2:38-39) So do not find excuses to talk yourself out of this blessing or consider yourself unfit for it. If you are born again, then you are fit in Jesus. He made you fit through His blood and death on the cross. It is a sin to reject the promise of God in Christ Jesus.

Whenever the Holy Spirit comes upon a mortal flesh there is always a vocal response in both OT and NT accounts of His revelation. The 120 people in the upper room in Acts.2:1-11 were filled and responded vocally. Samarian Christians were filled and responded vocally. (Acts.8:12-18) Cornelius household was filled and they responded vocally in prophecy, tongues and worship. (Acts.10:44-46) The 12 disciples at Ephesus were filled and responded vocally when Paul laid his hands upon them. The Spirit descended at the laying on of the hands and they experienced the outpouring of the God. (Acts.19:1-6)

In the OT, Saul, the son of Kish was filled with the Holy Spirit and responded vocally in prophecy. (ISam.10:5-10) Elizabeth, Zechariah, John and Mary, the mother of Christ were all filled with the Holy Spirit and responded vocally in praise and prophecy to the Lord. Read all of Luke chapter 1 to the end.

God does not speak in tongues. We have this responsibility as humans and we must live up to it. The scripture said, “They began to speak and not God began to speak”. Tongues play a different role in the NT than what it did in the OT. In Genesis 11, tongues scattered the builders of the tower of Babel, but in Acts.2:1-11, tongues united the people and drew a crowd of international audience who came together and heard the Gospel preached. God will not give you what you do not desire or want. If you do not want tongues, you will never speak in tongues as long as you live. The gifts of God are never forced upon the children of God. (Matt.5:6) Jesus as a man needed the Holy Spirit. YOU DO TOO!

God’s a better parent than you and I. Our children do not get a stone if they ask for bread. Will not receive a serpent if they ask for a fish and will not receive a scorpion if they ask for an egg. (Luke.11:11-13) If you ask God for the Holy Spirit, you will not receive a demonic spirit of fear. (IITim.1:7) God gives better gifts to all of His children. If you want to receive from God, you must go beyond your pride, arrogance, fears and unbelief. You must put to death your pride in order to experience the power of God. The fear of man and relatives is a snare and it will kill you. Jesus as a man had to be filled with the Spirit and you must too!

All languages are meaningful and no sound is without significance in the mind of God. He who speaks in an unknown tongue speaks to God and not to men and he speaks mysteries in the spirit. (ICor.14:2-3) God understands all tongues and they are not gibberish unto Him. (ICor.14:10) One sound in Nigeria as “EKPA” has over five different meanings across the Nation.

We must not confuse the public aspect of tongues with its private ministry between us and God alone. When tongues are used in the church publicly, it must be interpreted. When tongues are interpreted, they become prophecy. ICor.14:27 speaks of public ministry of tongues and v.28 speaks of the private side just between you and your Maker. Tongues can also be used as a means of worship as we see in Acts.2:11; “Cretans and Arabs, we do hear them speak in our tongues the mighty and wonderful works of God.” Tongues and interpretation always equal prophecy. (ICor.14:5)

Some Christians have unilaterally exempted themselves from the gift of God by refusing to speak in tongues and that is okay because you cannot receive what you do not desire. Paul gave the church a command and said, “Forbid not to speak in tongues.” (ICor.14:39) Please note that tongues are not from Satan even though he can counterfeit them. Any gift from God can be counterfeited and it all depends on the conditions of the heart of man. You must be born again! You must be filled with the Spirit!

The Holy Spirit is Jesus’ gift to His church who is His Bride. However, the Holy Spirit comes into your life with His own special gifts and they are 9 altogether. If the Holy Spirit is in you, then you have tongues in you. Tongues are part of the gifts He comes with as He enters into your life. You cannot pick and choose. So if you are scared of tongues, I am sorry, you have already got it because you have the Holy Spirit inside of you. Praise The Lord! (ICor.12:7-10) All you need now is to open your faucet and let the rivers of living water flow out of your belly. (John.7:37-39)

Are you hungry and thirsty for God’s Power? Are you willing to lay aside your pride for the glory of God? Then you need the Holy Spirit. (Heb.11:6) He is the energy and the Power of God in you. He will help you to live the Christian Life. The word of God said, “Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled and satisfied.” Jesus humbled Himself and received the Holy Spirit. (Matt.3:16-17) We too must receive HIM!


Set aside a time of prayer and fasting if you are able to and generate a deep level of hunger and thirst before the Lord. Be focused on the Lord without any distractions. Dedicate and consecrate yourself to seek the face of God and not His hands. (IIChro.7:14, Matt.9:15 and Heb.11:6)

Actively open your heart and mind to God’s Spirit and confess known sins. Ask for forgiveness and cleansing through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus to remind you of hidden and unknown sins so that you can confess them. (IJohn.1:9-10 and 2:1-2)

Tell Jesus Christ, the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost (Matt.3:11) that you are thirsty and ready to drink. Tell Him that you are responding to His invitation to come and drink of the Water of the Spirit of Life by faith. Tell Him that you are ready to receive a deposit of the omnipotence of God. (John.7:37; 1Cor.12:7-11)

Thank God for the presence of the Holy Spirit around you and in you as a well of water (Jn.4:14) Thank God for His ability to change your well into a flowing river. (Jn.7:37-39) Thank God for being a better parent than you and will not give you a demon, but the Holy Spirit. (Luke.11:11-13)

Take a deep breath and tell Jesus Christ, “I am now drinking of the Holy Spirit, the Water of Life by faith.” Ask Him to fill you to over flow. (Jn.7:37-39 and Gal.3:3-5)

Wait on the Holy Spirit to give you utterance. He is inside of you and ready to change your stagnant well into flowing river for God’s glory. When the utterance comes, you will hear it with the ears of your spirit and feel all kinds of changes in your body. BE BOLD!

By faith, speak out the sounds or the utterance that you are hearing in your mind since the Holy Ghost is within and has turned your well into a river of living water. Be bold and open your faucet, your mouth so that the river can flow. Your prayer language is the river and it must flow through your lips. (Acts.2:4, 10:44-46 and 19:6)