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God’s Blueprint For Husbands:

Adam was not only God’s replica, but he was also directly responsible to God for his thoughts and deeds. His walk and talk were to be like Father, like son. In order for Adam to be a godly husband, he must practice and take to heart the blueprint of God for him in relation to his wife. Adam was God’s deputy on earth and he was given full privileges and authority to enable him perform his duties to God, his wife and the creation.

God is the eternal Absolute and His word and principles for marriage connect the husband to Him. Man cannot be a true husband by God’s design unless he is connected to God through the Living Word, Jesus Christ. It takes God for a husband to truly be a godly man who will love, cherish and be willing to give his life for the wife who is a compatible and helpful companion to him.

The standard for the relationship of a man to his wife is Jesus Christ and the bottom line is: “Is he ready and willing to give his life for his wife?” If the answer is no, then he must not think of marriage because it will not work. He may co-exist with her, but they cannot vibrantly thrive together.

There are eternal, fundamental principles of God that govern marriage and they are a “MUST” for every husband. These principles are nine altogether and come from the very heart of God, the Father as gifts to believing husbands. There are no laws against these principles. You will find them in Galatians.5:22ff. Everything in marriage can wait and be delayed, but these absolutes or principles are imperative. Husbands cannot put them off to tomorrow. Universally speaking, there are no laws against these 9 absolutes from God. They will make our homes heaven on earth. They will help all husbands to fulfill their roles in the home, church and the Kingdom of God. These ingredients are the fruit of the Spirit and manifest in nine ways as: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.

Without the fruit of the Spirit, it will be next to impossible doing the task God has given to believing husbands for their wives. God has made the fruit available in its nine parts and it will grow naturally if the will of the husband is connected and committed to the truth of God’s Word. If a husband does not seek feelings before facts, but allows his will to be immersed in the facts of the word, and obey them, he will have all the feelings he can handle and much more.

Before any Christian man should contemplate marriage, he must count the cost according to Jesus Christ. Marriage is like a building project and you will go nowhere without the “Blueprint.” God has the blueprint of marriage for men and they need to take a long and hard look at the privileges and responsibilities involved in marriage before they jump into it hook, line and sinker. A prospective husband must ask himself some questions. How long do I want to stay married and be a husband of one wife? What are my duties and responsibilities to my wife? Am I in it for life or till death do us part? In our world, a lifetime sentence is 25 years and “till death do us part” is 60-100 years. Whichever choice you make as a man, it requires planning, counseling, preparation, commitment, compromise and iron resolution. Marriage is a gift from God and every gift or privilege has corresponding responsibility and accountability.

Figuratively speaking, every husband is on a journey that will take 60-100 years of traveling in the air, on land and overseas, therefore, he needs to ask lots of questions and find answers for them before he sets out on his marriage journey. It is foolishness and stupidity to go into marriage without any clue as to what the cost is and what’s in store for the man. According to the Lord, he will be a fool and people will laugh at him if he cannot continue after three or six months in the journey.(Luke.14:28-30)


God is a Lover, Sharer and a Blesser. He wanted to duplicate Himself in man instead of the angels so that man will be heir of all He has through Jesus Christ. The creation of man clearly revealed the generosity and selflessness of God. This fact was attested to in John.3:16. When God loved us, He did something about it. Can you imagine the type of world we will have if all husbands are like God, their Father in their walk and talk? The man (husband) was God’s deputy in Eden, with all the rights and privileges bestowed on him in the office as a husband. He was to take charge under God and oversee the lower creations for His glory and honor.

Adam named all the animals and lived among them, but none was suitable, compatible and adequate in terms of fellowship and companion- ship. He was alone in the sense that he has no one like himself in the midst of a million animals. (Gen.1:26-28 and 2:18-23) The man needed a comparable and compatible companion and thus the advent of the woman, who became his wife. Outside God, she will be the closest to him as well as his preoccupation. She will be his queen and his success with her will determine his success in God and as His deputy. His closeness and love for God will be measured by his love and kindness to her. If he cannot live with her, then he cannot live with God. She is the bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh. She has always been a part of him and now she has come back as his beauty queen who was originally taken from a place closer to his heart. vv.21-23.

Adam said, “This is now flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones.” If Eve was part of Adam, then to love her is to love himself; for no one ever hates his own body, but feeds and cares for it. (Eph.5:29) One of the main responsibilities of the husband is to love, protect and care for his wife to the degree where he is willing to give her his life if needs be. The husband must create an atmosphere of love where she is safe, secured and highly appreciated for who she is. He will experience greater joy and closeness to God when his wife is fulfilled emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. The more he helps the wife to realize her worth, the greater he will understand Christ’s responsibility to him. The wife came out of him and until he helps her to find her place in him, he cannot really and truly find his place in God. His greater joy and highest satisfaction and competion will be achieved every time he helps her find her place in himself.

He’s to receive her as a compatible and adequate companion. He’s to make room for her to be the answer to his problem of aloneness. He’s to listen to her counsel and encouragement as she provides an intelligent level of communion not found among the animals. He’s to make her feel secure and content as the one who will produce the seed that will stand up against Satan, God’s enemy and crush his head. He’s to show her much appreciation as the one who supplies the missing link or the last piece of the puzzle that completed him

Outside his relationship with God, he will find the deepest fulfillment in these roles above anything else he may ever engage himself in. This is the design of God and there is an inherent divine mechanism that kicks into gear whenever a husband enters this God-given role and totally immerses himself in it. Outside salvation and the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, nothing else is greater in terms of satisfaction and fulfillment. All the energy of the husband will be devoted to work in order to provide for the wife who gives him counsel. When he earns wages, he will bring them home to her and she will change them to food on the table. (Gen.3:17-19)

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