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God’s Blueprint For Wives:

Absolutes are like connectors and there are some things that will not have life unless they are connected to other things. If you want light, energy and power, you must be connected to either hydro, solar or thermal sources. If you want water in your system at home, you must be connected to the city water line, reservoir, river or well. If you want a lasting, thriving and wholesome marriage, you must be connected to the Lord, who is the Author of marriage. The spiritual process will not begin unless you are connected by the Spirit of God through a new birth.

God is the eternal absolute and His word and principles in marriage connect the wife to God in Christ. She cannot be a wife in the true sense of it by God’s design unless she is committed to the word of God. It takes God for the wife to truly be a woman of one husband who will love, cherish and be willing to submit herself to her husband.

There are eternal fundamental principles that govern marriage and they are absolutes. There are 9 of them and they came from the very heart of God as gifts to the wives to fulfill their roles in the home and society. You will find them in Galatians. 5:22ff. Everything in life and marriage can wait and be delayed, but these principles are imperative and you cannot put them off to tomorrow. Universally speaking, there are no laws against them. They will make our homes heaven on earth. They will help all wives to fulfill their roles in the home, church and the kingdom of God. These ingredients are the fruit of the Spirit and manifest in 9 ways as: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance

Without the fruit of the Spirit it will be impossible for believing wives to succeed in the responsibility God has given them towards their husband and family. God has made the fruit available to the wife in its nine parts and they will grow naturally if the will of the wife is connected and committed to the truth of God’s Word. If a wife does not seek feelings before facts, but allows her will to be immersed in the facts of the word, and obey them, she will have all the feelings she can handle and much more.

Before any Christian woman should contemplate marriage, she must count the cost according to Jesus Christ. Marriage is like a building project and you will go nowhere without the “Blueprint.” God has the blueprint of marriage for women and they need to take a long and hard look at the privileges and responsibilities involved in marriage before they jump into it hook, line and sinker. A prospective wife must ask herself some questions. How long do I want to stay married and be a wife of one husband? What are my duties and responsibilities to my husband? Am I in it for life or till “Death do us part.”? In our world, a lifetime sentence is 25 years and till death does us part is 60-100 years. Whichever choice you make as a woman, it requires planning, counseling, preparations, commitment, compromise and iron resolutions. Marriage is a gift from God and every gift or privilege has corresponding responsibilities and accountability.

Figuratively speaking, every wife is on a journey that will take 60-100 years of traveling in the air, on land and overseas. Therefore, she needs to ask lots of questions and find answer to them before she ever sets out on her marriage journey. It is foolishness and stupidity to go into marriage without any clue as to what the cost is and what’s in store for you as a wife. According to the Lord Jesus Christ, the woman will be a fool and people will laugh at her if she cannot continue after three or six months into the journey and wants a divorce. (Luke.14:28-30)

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